Not All . Those Out Tonight – Doing the Devil’s Work

– They are here. I don’t know why. In almost 200 years, they have never let one of us go.

– They are here to squelch any complaints. People thinking but not saying that I wasn’t listened to. They may have listened, but they made no attempt to hear me.

– How can some Mormon men from a completely over the top patriarchal society judge a woman who is from and on the earth? Not fairly.

– It just dawned on me why the church started moving backwards in the 1970’s. The patriarchal society in the United States started shifting. Women could actually get credit cards of their own. The church could not allow Mormon women to start making the shift. I think it became harder to divorce.

– Most of you do not know how to judge something when taken out of context. Have you ever seen a show where you are shown a scene, then you are shown the same scene but film before is also shown? During the second showing, what happened during the first showing makes sense when you see what was added in. You now understand.

– You have no idea who I am. Not in the context of the other 98.% You have been taught from before you could talk what are sins (in the Mormon Church). You think these are sins no matter who does them. You apply your rules to everyone even when you have no right to do so. Judge not, lest thee be judged.

V had the nerve to be in my house 7 years ago. My daughter’s prom picture was on the piano. The picture was face down. I guess the Mormon in him could not handle the sleeveless dress. He had broken into my house and had the nerve to touch and turn over my daughter’s photo. His grimy hands. The same person who watched my daughter when he was able to look into my house through D?

– I realized today what part of my problem is – the men in the church who are regular Mormon men – not Devil Worshippers are not shown all the things their demons can do – administer drugs, change and control someone’s mood, block out a memory, make someone see something or not see something that is there. I realized that I should have seen V the first day of school. Yes, we had hung back, but we should have seen him. Then one of these guys did something and I realized that D controlled things so I couldn’t see V. V wanted to control when I saw him. Oh, demons can make people get ill – like my son. Ill a LOT. Then, I had to go and pick up his homework. Funny, V never sent it up to the office like most teachers did.

– Give someone things like boils, diarrhea, insomnia so the person takes sleep drugs for years, depression, anxiety. Ladies, do any of these things sound familiar? Nope, the regular guys aren’t taught the real evil stuff. You see, they aren’t going to have to have you people murder someone.

– Oh yeah. I think the threesome will be given permission to kill me. ? Look like suited. Date rape drug and demons talking someone into way too many. They underestimate all of you. I truly think you have a line you will not cross and you expect TOP people in the church to not cross them either.

– I was supposed to believe that all those people were from here. No. Many of the good people of Petaluma stayed home. I went to Petaluma Blvd North. Sure enough, it was late and the stalkers were getting on the freeway.

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