Ignorance IS Bliss – and so Much Easier Than Having to Think

The people who are so intent right now on murdering me ARE the Devil Worshippers and the truly, truly ignorant. You probably feel righteous in what you are doing. Murdering people with mental illness. There are no scriptures that are telling you to do this, but almost 200 years of practice has really blurred (blocked) the lines between right and wrong.

These people believe that mental illness is actually Devil possession. Rather ironic, since the rest of those out there were Devil Worshippers fitting right in with you. You are doing their dirty work. Ironic, since I learned that my predisposition to “come down” with bipolar disorder was purposely triggered by “D”. He could tell immediately. That is something these perverts are looking for – a non Mormon woman who has a mild mental illness or a predisposition for the illness.

It is in my family. I talked to many family members in order to figure it out – figure out if bipolar disorder was in my family.

Right now I feel really ill – not from a physical illness, but from piecing new information together with old to know the truth. Since the Mormon Church began, persons with mental illness were murdered by shunning/gangstalking. Pushing someone to suicide is murder in my book – manslaughter according to precedent in court.

I felt like crying earlier when thinking of the non Mormon women targeted by Mormons over the last 200 years. Then there are the thousands of Mormons who have been murdered just because they had a mental illness. What? Has it reached 100,000?  This is genocide. Yes, killing off a group of people is genocide.

Do you know that Hitler killed millions of Jews, but thousand of other people? Poles, gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses (newish, starting up religion that was seen as different from the norm). Oh yes, over time, the Nazis killed all physically and mentally disabled. For many of them, they first sterilized them. Later, according to one source, they were given lethal injections. Genocide. No one disputes it.

It is so much easier to do what you are told. Don’t question. Don’t think. Your thinking is done for for you.

I will have to look up the specifics later. Jesus gets out of a boat and into a town. There is a man who has been out in the rocks for years. It sounds like he is truly out of his mind. Does Jesus get people to help him badger and mock the man until he throws himself off a cliff?

Of course not! You would know this if you read the New Testament! Jesus cures him. The man is so overwhelmed and grateful that he wants to go with Jesus. Jesus says no. He wants the man to go home with his family and share that Jesus cured him.

Besides Hitler, I have never heard of any other culture that kills their mentally ill people.

There is so much information out there now about mental illness, causes, treatments. There is absolutely no excuse for being and remaining so ignorant. Go online. You can go online incognito. How, I don’t no.

But, it is so much easier to kill and hate.

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