Devil Worshippers NEED The Church to be Structured the Way it is in Order to Exist

The Devil Worshippers in the church NEED the church to be structured so that: people do not question, they assume they are hearing the truth, gangstalking exists, members will believe what they are told without question (gangstalk – a knee jerk reaction), people are discouraged from doing things that will help them develop deductive reasoning skills (to be able to deduce – given this clue and this clue, who stole the money?), people know so little about those outside, they jump to conclusions,  and males HAVE to have demons to fulfill scripture – people not being able to leave once they join helps a lot. There may be a few more, but the only church that I know of that forces its members to stay (makes their lives miserable if they leave) is Scientology.

Gangstalking supports Devil Worshippers and what their goals are. It has been important for you to be motivated to gangstalk if you are told that a non Mormon woman is stalking a member or has a mental illness, a member has a mental illness, etc. (do gays come under this? The incidence of gay teens committing suicide in Utah has jumped significantly.

Not questioning, not reasoning, assuming you are being told accurate information all lead to members jumping in their cars ASAP when sent that text. Here is one simple example where I reacted to something after being taunted/irritated for a long time. The truth was told, but it was only part of the truth.  I was sitting in my car at my sister’s house. A car pulled up on the other side of the street, and across an intersection, with its lights on. It sat there for a long time – lights glaring at me  Finally fed up, as I was leaving the area, I swerved slightly towards the car – no where near it. Just enough to shine my lights at the driver. Too late I realized this was the section of street that has the Mormon Church on it. The driver was delighted. He could say that I was driving past the church and swerved towards him. He would have left out the part about parking after I did. I was parked in front of my sister’s house which was quite a ways away. No one else involved would have had 100s of cars gangstalking them that day.

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