Thursday Afternoon – FYI – Seeing More Clearly – Mental Health

If you are Mormon and go online to  check out the new Mormon church stance on mental health, you might be surprised by what you find. The Church wants people to get help for themselves and loved ones. There are many Mormon mental health or behavioral health workers in Salt Lake City and elsewhere.

I am waiting for my bipolar support group to start. For years my illness really wasn’t bad enough to make me feel like I belonged in a support group. Bipolar disorder can be a really difficult illness to deal with. I had been very fortunate. I was able to manage it very well. Other people in a support group may have wondered why I was there.

Anyway, that all changed in 2007


– An individual is admitted into a mental hospital due to: being affected so much by their illness that he/she cannot take care of herself, or similar wording; OR because they were a threat to themselves or others

– I have never been admitted to a hospital because I was a threat to others. If I had been, I probably would have been placed in a different unit (I suppose there are subjective decisions made – someone pushed a sibling and it wasn’t violent or some such thing, but I wouldn’t know)

– When I was admitted for being a threat to myself, it was for admitting to my son why some pills were missing. I couldn’t lie. It was over a year ago. The con was over, I was convinced that there was evil in my house, I was afraid, and these demons were right here. I am sure they were doing something. It was strange. The pills were not ones that one would think were used for that. I consider this hospitalization gangstalker induced.

– The good thing was that my sister used that hospitalization to help my son learn how to handle the world of mental health hospitalization   He did not hesitate  Took me to the regular hospital (usual procedure)   That hospital screens the patient to see if the patient can be admitted under  a 51-50

– A 51-50 means that a person is admitted for psychiatric care for 72 hours   Involuntary  I have not seen many patients leave within the 72 hours   The doctors want to make sure that the patient is on the right medications, with tolerable side effects

/Most patients go on to being held longer with a 5250’   A 5250 is a 14 day involuntary hold  From what I observed, most patients on a 14 day hold are not held 14 days  Last time, I was already doing well (partly demon induced), but the doctor wanted to recheck my potassium level (seeing as V had gotten it down to 124, a dangerously low level)   My lithium level also needed to be checked  

Mental health patients have rights  We are given a copy when we check in and the rights are usually posted  A patient who is put on a 14 day hold has the right to have a hearing that is held at the hospital   It is attended by someone who officiates,  the patient, often a family member, among others   It is decided if the patient is stable enough to leave, if there is an effective follow up program in place, and if the patient has support from friends and family, plus a place to go to

– I could not use many shortened or slang versions of psych terms for quite a while. Meds were always medications or prescriptions, and psych was psychiatric. I had my own prejudices to deal with. It has been quite a journey, but I have learned a lot.

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