Today – Important Information at the Bottom – Don’t Skip the Middle

I am still at risk of having a serious heart problem or death from low potassium. This would be murder by V, J and Not Far From the Tree. I am trying to come up with a name. I was hoping it was not true. Actually, along the line, I was hoping this was not true of any of them. I have a real difficult time believing that someone I have met or have heard of – real people, not celebrities- is bad. A real, real hard time.

The women who go through gangstalking by Mormons are all non Mormon women. This is just so shocking to me. Discrimination by sex you hear of. Discrimination by sex and religion is unheard of. We are the throwaway women. We are the scapegoats. We are the ones you throw under the bus to pay for Eve’s sin. Really?! What DO they tell you about us. I just realized, there has been well over a hundred years of TRUE -ON MY HONOR stories told by Mormon men about throwaway women. It took less than a minute last week to get some of you to go from believing me to gangstalking because of what one Mormon male said. Context – what was the context? What happened before and after. It is scary. No, it is absolutely terrifying that a whole society of people are controlled to the extent these Mormons are. Yes it is.

I have assumed that my ex played a role past 2013 in my gangstalking  The only role he may have played since is to talk to V about my trip in 2016 – since I based my travels on my ex’s schedule   Him involved with V and J when they used the date rape drug was revolting   That never happened   The truth to me is horrifying   I can’t really explain it, but it just is and I think it is to most people  I realized that this is where true Devil worshippers come in   They cross moral norms that civilized societies condemn   I guess that is the reason I am repulsed by what I learned

I risk alienating a whole new group, but…….  The third is someone close to V   I find writing this difficult I have only seen him once and he and his wife were quite far away  I would not recognize him now   He is older than my son   More towards J’s age  J’s age has bothered me this whole time  I think with Devil Worship that is another boundary that is crossed


Demons   For writing purposes, and to keep them straight in my own mind, I need to clarify the three demons with me  J is J’s, D is V’s, and 3rd’s will be called Rick  That is what he picked when I started saying names


I feel like I risk a lot by coming out and saying what I will say. I feel it’s time. I feel like I need to.  I am going to start referring to “only” true practitioners of Devil Worship in the Mormon Church as Devil Worshippers   Before this, I set them apart by saying things like hard core Devil Worshippers   DWs  There is a huge difference between the two groups  Within non DWs there are threatened, blackmailed, frightened, pretty independent and doing okay, among others

Ironically, the Victims of Devil Worship are good women. We definitely aren’t saints and do not dress, talk, or act Mormon. How could we? But we are pretty good people. One reason I believe this, is that the DW’s partly do what they do for Set – Egyptian Time Devil, more or less. We are their human sacrifices. If they can get us to sin BEFORE WE CAN OR KNOW TO PRAY TO GOD, and then commit suicide we are their offerings to Set.

This whole time, I have had to believe that there were a whole lot of people out there to take my spot. I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to feel special or unique. It makes me very uncomfortable. On the other hand, though I definitely don’t think this is predestined, I have thought that if anyone had a certain skill set and personality for this “job”, I do qualify. I had gone through one round of gangstalking, I know what crazy is AND WHAT CRAZY ISN’T. I am older. I must have pretty good deductive skills, through education, environment, and being allowed to question. I have always been spiritual, and have not turned to God as much as I should have, but did turn to him – prayer – cancer, other people. I am doggedly determined to find the answer to a problem. Writing prior blogs has allowed me to keep from just rambling. As much. I seem to have a passion for truth and justice, particularly justice in the United States.

With all that said, God is guiding me and helping me. Christ is close by and probably doing the same. They can help protect me, but only to an extent. I am told that the Holy Spirit is near. I do know without a doubt that I have moments when I feel like I never have before in my life. This has only been happening the last few months, and I have never had this happen like this before. The closest was probably a few times when I was with my youth group in high school. I know I felt close to God back then. There is a certain subtle joy and welcoming peace that I feel. I believe that it is a heavenly feeling – a feeling sent from Heaven. So, I do this for me, but I definitely feel like I have God’s and Christ’s work to do.

Thank you for your help. I may not realize it until hours or days later, but it is truly appreciated.

This issue bothers me a lot – if you have to be a DW, pray. If you still have to use a demon, pray about that. Pray often. Give specifics – even names. Confessing – give specifics. Ask for forgiveness. Pray with the intent of never committing the sin again – and truly do not want to. You have the intent and desire to not be a DW or have a demon. Tell God and Jesus specifically why you did do those things again – if you do. And give specifics including names.

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