I believe there are those out there who would not hesitate to cause me harm when I am driving. They might be getting the okay. If you are able, it might help if you somehow made it known that you would not hesitate to report the truth to the police if you were to see an accident. They may not be used to that. The hard core Devil Worshippers probably try to block the view though.

I believe in justice. I believe in the American justice system. Gangstalking and demons completely disregards that system. But, there are women dying. I cannot say to use demons. That would indicate I am for using Devil’s work. I have said that no one should be gangstalked – no matter what. I guess i didn’t expect to be dealing with demons too. That said, no one should be pushed to commit suicide. Those pushing are guilty of manslaughter (text, girlfriend, suicide). Gangstalking has to be gotten rid of. Right now, the Devil Worshippers who are sadists, perverts need to be stopped.

These people HAVE TO BE STOPPED. I have it on good authority that God and Jesus want this stopped. I wish I had an answer to “How?”. It has to come from you. That is what my “gut” is telling me. Mormons have to work on getting these hard core perverts and/or sadists out from among them.

J broke my ankle, threw scalding water at my leg, and GAVE ME A DATE RAPE DRUG (injection) WHEN HE KNEW I WAS GOING TO GET BDHIND THE WHEEL  It was a miracle that someone was not killed. The drug was kicking in when I took some of my prescription medications. That is the last thing I remember doing. I took two ambien which sounds like a lot to most people. I had Rick telling me to take pills. If I am wound up, the Ambien didn’t always work. I actually had to take two Ambien and Benadryl for a short time in 2013. I was angry and wound up the night J gave me that drug.

V and J are dangerous. I don’t like making accusations without proof. I can only say that I have been asking yes or no questions for two years to find out the answers. Still, they could be stopped from doing further damage. I finally got confirmation that in 2016, V, J, and another man came in and held me while V injected me with a date rape drug.

This is really a hard story to tell. If they did this once they could do it again. It takes a while for the drug to kick in. I had to be terrified. A date rape drug ups someone’s likelihood to be talked into something. It also reduces inhibitions. But, there must be limits. These three had “demon D’s” help (remember, demons must do what they are asked to do by their “master”, for lack of a better word). I don’t know how much I was forced, but I was told to do something for them. I can’t say more than that. With a date rape drug, it was sexual assault.

The term throwaway keeps popping up in my head. Something happens to a woman and it’s okay, because we are throwaways. Something happens to a man, and it’s okay because we are just throwaways.

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