This and That

People, including Suits need to stay away from me unless they have my welfare in mind. I need to be safe, but I treasure my privacy.

MY QUIRKS – I have survived gangstalking by being “out there” as far as some of my actions. When gangstalking is going on, I see three times as many vehicles with one light in a pair impaired in some way. I count them – if gangstalking is going on. I let the gangstalkers know that I am counting them, though it probably just irritates the driver. Some of the people I have pointed to include regular drivers.

When I see the first car, I hold up a pointer finger to indicate one light. Then I point at the car, and show how many vehicles I have seen that day.

Yesterday, I found myself saying, “stupid idiot” using sign language. I hit my head while making a peace sign. I then hit my head again and make my hand bounce off as I make an “I” in sign language. This gives me an outlet when I start getting angry, if they expect a reaction, or makes them wonder what I just said. Learning and using sign language has really helped.

I have truly mystified a few non gangstalkers this week. It’s unusual. One man stopped his truck, got out to see if he had left something on the top of the car. I was pointing to a woman’s plates and she looked totally bewildered. ??? Used car, wife of a non Mormon gangstalker?  I don’t know.

If there is gangstalking going on and I do those things – nothing personal – it’s what I do. Helping. Oops. Sorry. Thank you!

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