The Demon Workarounds

Everything that applies to people need to apply to their demons. They also need to be told not to use any entities from hell against me, particularly the Devil Set.

Each day, maybe up to three times a day, a different scenario is presented to me by “J” and Nick. This morning there was a seemingly urgent need to get me to get potassium. Come to think of it, I disregarded rules I had set up for myself. I probably had close to 50% of my daily needs (not easy), and was going to continue. I don’t know how accurate I am, but I just want to keep it at the very lowest of normal, so they don’t OD ME ON IT.

They made me look like a klutz when I was trying to fix pizza and they made me spill some very salty Chinese soup. Oh. They want me to stay away from salt, so they want me to have high potassium.

OR – that is what they want me to think while I try to lower it and it is still low.

YOU SEE MY DELEMA. Please state that the demons – no one’s may harm me or present me with false information.

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