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(Please no vandalism, no controlling my phone, computers, TV)
I want to keep my word, and I need to be able to work on non Mormon gangstalking and Devil Worshippers. There have to be a slew of predators among them. There have to be people who are threatened or blackmailed into joining them. I may have a few people who are in my family who meet this criteria. The Mormon predator/gangstalkers and these other gangstalkers may use each other. Like a family member of mine.

I propose that I slowly close down this blog as promised. The first thing I will do is to take out all references to Mormons, Mormonism, historical figures from Mormon history. This will take time. As things stop, I will take down more and more posts.

Eventually, but down the road, all posts will be completely taken off. They will be trashed for good. There is trash, then I can really trash them.

I will start another blog completely from scratch, using all different photos, set up, name. This blog will be for gangstalking / non Mormon. The Mormon issue needs to be handled by Mormons. I only hope that members are allowed to develop critical thinking skills. They might need to be a little more part of this world. Learn how to take in a little bit of information from outside, but keep it in perspective – people need help with this part. A small percent of the population carries out a large percentage of the worst crimes. If I didn’t believe that, it would be hard for me. I would have to tune it all out. There are some who should be aware, but SHOULD not look at details. They will lose sleep. Everyone should know enough to protect themselves and their families. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT SOMEONE’S CONNECTIONS ARE TO YOU OR WHAT THEIR CREDENTIALS, THAT PERSON COULD BE A PREDATOR – now tuck that in the back of your mind. Assume someone is good and trustworthy, but in the back of your mind, know they could be a predator. Set up safe situations for kids – look at the Boy Scout and Girl Scout guidelines. No adult alone with any child except their own. One adult could drive two kids. Of course there is the person who you rely on to pick up your child if you have to be late – mine was an ex friend. A Mormon.

You have to trust, but get to know warning signs. Yes, even children have lied, but as the parents you believe your child. It is rare for a child to make up anything like this.

In my new blog, I WILL NOT mention the Mormon Church. If I mention cults, I will completely stay away from the church. I will try to keep it to exposing Devil Worship and predators.

I thought I would be finished, but there were too many gangstalking cars at my church this past Sunday. I was gangstalked by a few members. There are people out there – stalkers and stalkees who need help, and predators who need to be exposed.

So, please understand. I thought I would get a break. I am so glad though that in my head, I can again say, “Some Mormons, or a Few Mormons.”  I try hard not to lump people together based on what “group” they are in. I even try to say things like, “some very far left democrats”, “a few extremely far right Evangelical Christians.” I have gently called a cousin out on Facebook for lumping all Christians together. And she should know better. Thank you. I was a little bit in crisis because I was using the blanket term “Mormons” for everything being done.

As long as I don’t experience any Mormon gangstalking, nothing gets posted on this blog. This blog will ONLY get used if there appears to be activity aimed at me by Mormons. However, I will avoid the use of anything or any word that can be tied to your church.

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