Revelation – The Final Pieces Fall Into Place

Summer 2016 – I was given a date rape drug. I have talked about this in earlier posts. I couldn’t figure out why. There were possibilities, but I kept going from one theory to the next.

Every once in a while, when I was thinking about someone making another take pills, nothing quite worked with that either.

One demon trying to get me to do something – it doesn’t quite work. Two – the difference is incredible. I have done strange things and felt like I wasn’t quite in control.

Tonight, all three of those bits of information came together. Given a date rape drug – which makes a person much more susceptible to suggestions, and with the mind work of two demons, it would be conceivable that a person would take pills.

I drank alcohol and took some prescription drugs in a gas station parking lot. I was over the top angry – which these two can cause. Before that, I had one parking ticket at 16 and one speeding ticket in 2009. I might have one drink a month, if that. That night made sense once I knew about the demons power of persuasion.

So, suicide goes from suicide to murder.

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