Predators Have to Keep Preying – continued

To explain what I figured out: “J” is J’s demon, “D” is V’s demon, and Nick is a recent demon arrival.

A few months ago, I noticed a difference in “D”. He was quiet. Too quiet. I thought he was sad about something. He wasn’t. I kept asking if he was okay – yes, it is strange. Today, I finally realized for good that this Demon, who wants to be called Nick is not V’s demon.

I immediately became concerned. V is a predator. He can’t keep from doing what he needs to do to satisfy his needs – attention, feeling he is attractive to someone else, and power. He can no longer get what he needs to from me. He had to move on and D is now with V’s current target/victim.

She very most likely is a blond in her 50’s. She has one or more daughters above the age of 11. I am doing profiling. I don’t have any training in profiling, but someone has to profile V.

Since V is retired, the victim needs to be someone V runs into on a regular basis. She is most likely not someone from church. A non Mormon woman must be “ painted” as a harlot in the Mormon world. First, you judge them through Mormon glasses which is totally unfair. Next, you don’t really get to know non Mormon women very well because you are told not to. This keeps you ignorant. I could be wrong, but to be able to recognize evil you have to know something about evil. V is a master at deception.

The place that a person would go to most often is the grocery store. If V has already gotten D to do his evil magic, then this woman may have some fake feelings for D. D’s getting his needed dose of “she is attracted to me”. Part of him knows that the attracted part is contrived. For the most part, however, he truly has to believe that she is attracted to him.

No, I do not have a crystal ball (Devil’s work). I am working off of the “type” of person I am, what my situation was like (daughter), and using logic to figure out what would work as far as being in contact with this Mom. Of course D is with her. There has to be a way to check this out NOW.

This woman is friendly and, for some reason, is emotionally vulnerable or even frail. If you have been told to gangstalk, and you are participating, you are helping commit murder. Yes, there was a case where a woman was convicted of manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend- He committed suicide. If you are still being told you are not committing a crime, you are being lied to. Besides, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”  Do you fool yourself into believing that you would want that done to you if you acted like a stalker? That is NOT what that quote means.

You need to STOP! What are the statistical odds that V would be going through this again? My guess is that it is very close to zero. There is just about a 0% chance of V being stalked by a woman who had the same m.o, as me (I was accused of)? First of all, it is more likely that you are stalked by someone you had an intimate relationship with. Next, it moves into the work realm. A stalker could be someone you worked with – maybe someone with a grudge. Also, about half the women who stalk, stalk other women. So, the number of women out there who will ever stalk in their lifetime is low. Next, stalkers tend to wait for or watch for their target outside the targets’ houses or places of work. They might call them

Believe me, if the victim is aware of D, she is probably frightened. She would not and could not use D to find out where V is going. V is using D. D tells V where the victim is going.

People who have never really done anything wrong in their lives commit suicide – every day, all around the world. I am reading a John Grisham book. It is a tough read. I can only read so much a day. It is partly about how American and Philippine soldiers were treated after a surrender was called in the Philippines during WWII. By the time the Japanese captured the soldiers, they were starving. McCarther had overlooked stocking up provisions for these people. The Japanese had not allowed any provisions to get to the soldiers. Then, these soldiers walked at least six days with only a scoop of rice and rancid water every few days. Malaria, dysentery and worse were rampant.
Men committed suicide. Good men committed suicide. Innocent men committed suicide. That was a very extreme example to show how an innocent person can commit suicide.

Then, there is the human mind. I would guess that most of you could be driven to commit suicide if the conditions were right. Even if you had not done anything wrong, because you were raised feeling guilt, you would have a sense of guilt if gangstalked. You would lose your family and community support. There is no stopping this. You have been found guilty by no court, but sentencing took place.

In the late 1800’s, divorce was not legal. The society was very patriarchal. Women had no rights and they owned nothing. I would guess that many men looked down on women. Well, it was not uncommon for a man to have his wife committed to an insane asylum. He could say that she argued with him, wasn’t cleaning the house properly, or was lazy. He would then be free to marry whoever he pleased. Extremely strict divorce laws can backfire. Like it or not, studies show that a certain percentage of men find it almost impossible to stay with one woman throughout their lifetime.

How common is it for a man to say that his wife is guilty of one crime or another? It shouldn’t be. A husband, in a patriarchal society where he is taught that his needs are a priority and that women are beneath him. Some probably view women as objects – use them and toss them. Could some men in the Mormon Church feel this way? It is a given. So, like the witch, you throw them in the water. If they committed suicide, they are guilty, right? If they drowned, they were guilty. Now, I haven’t drowned, in seven years, but some of you still think I am guilty. I am swimming, but I am guilty. As Spock would say, “That is not logical.” Those women were not guilty. Has one man had this happen more than once? And you listen. He is the MAN. Did anyone listen to the women’s sides. Besides, the: Judge not lest thee be judged. It is not our place to judge, sentence, carry out the execution.

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