Not going anywhere – V trying to get it extremely difficult to write and post my blog

J is messing with my typing and access to my blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has my phone stolen again.  I should start sending him bills. This is a new phone. I WILL LET ALL KNOW THAT HE WAS A THIEF —— AGAIN

I don’t think that the guys have been up front with the ladies. What have the guys told you about what the demons’ capabilities

– can cause me to have pain

– can try to put very inappropriate thoughts into my head.

– can get me to do things – go to Staples ( I already had planned to go there sometime), broke a mirror – smashed it. That is not who I am. I had never done anything like that before.

– make me tired, dizzy, feel like I am on a drug, feel depressed or anxious

– make me feel thirsty or feel like I am smelling certain scents

So, you are still trying to catch me doing things, right? These demons set me up all the time  you set me up all the time

– Harry Potter needs to get license plates on his car

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