I Am So Angry at V and J! I Bet Almost All, If Not All the Victims You Have Tormented Over the Years Had Not Done Anything – An Inconvenience that some male had to dispose of!

For months after V and J pulled the con, I kept having horrid, completely inappropriate thoughts. I was upset by them, and I kept apologizing to the demons and anyone else who was supposed to be present – who never were. When I thought someone was there, I would apologize ahead of time. I would explain about the thoughts, say i didn’t know what was happening, and would say that I would sing when they started in order to block them.

It wasn’t until Nick (D’s Demon) started putting thoughts into my head later that I made the connection. Was anyone listening and reporting? I WAS SO COMPLETELY RELIEVED WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT I WASN’T THE ONE CREATING THOSE THOUGHTS.

I had finished my meal tonight and was wondering what someone did to get you people so incensed – besides recording my voice and splicing bits together, and my ex possibly recording video and splicing them together. Remember the jerk in the Staples lot who got me to yell, “ Shut the door?”  IT HIT ME

THERE WERR PEOPLE WHO LISTENED IN ON ME AND REPORTED BACK WHAT MY THOUGHTS WERE. Some probably knew that I was being set up, but all for one, one for all fellows, right? Who cares if it’s the truth if it gets us what we need. Inconvenient females out f the way. Yes, I am angry – at V and J of course – at Nick and “J”, and at all of you for participating in mob justice. Read President Lincoln’s Lyceum speech.


“Lincoln warned that mobs or people who disrespected U.S. laws and courts could destroy the United States.”

Think about what happened earlier tonight – within seconds you were galvanized and united to fight your common enemy. Any other enemies were pushed out of your minds, and you could again justify going after me – tonight’s scapegoat.

Do you ever think about the women who went before me. Do you ever ask, “What if they were innocent?” – or even if just one were innocent.


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