Do You Believe That Only Guilty People Commit Suicide?

Gee, what was Robin Williams guilty of. Nothing!

Have you read what has been done to me? Any of it? My daughter threatened if I didn’t do something. Being made angry, coerced into giving away sterling silver meant for my daughter, 3 years of gangstalking, broken ankle by J, scalded water and 2nd degree burns by J, 6 weeks of diarrhea by V, finding out V violated. MY HOUSE AND MY FAMILY’s PRIVACY. Knowing people think ugly things about me because of their looks, shunning, etc. Having my mind twisted all different ways with set ups, by demons under V’s and J’s direction. Not being able to work and having to wonder what I will do not that many years down the line.

Ending up in a mental hospital 4 times because of gangstalking and this crud I am being put through. Oh yes, one time was because of LSD given to me by V and J. I was muttering about needles, and people talking to me. One time was because a nurse pretended to put pills in this headrest thing that she then put behind my head. When they wanted to give me an iv with something to relax me I refused. They held me down and I screamed. The nurse’s truck worked. You didn’t know that. I bet you were told all kinds of lies about why I went into the hospital.

Disgusting! I was proud of the way I handled my illness. You people took that, chewed it and spit it out.

Have you read anything about corrupt court cases, watched anything about people like V? DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS? If a woman was suspected of being a witch, she would be thrown in the water. If she didn’t drown, she was labeled a witch and drowned. If the woman sank, she was innocent – but, of course she drowned.

Witch hunt! This is what witch hunt means.

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