Another Way to Get Around

There are scientists around the world working on invisibility materials. I read up on it after seeing just a tiny patch of material right before a pill disappeared right before my eyes. There was a device that could take a two socket outlet and turn it into a six socket outlet. There were a few tiny lights. I figure that one or both lights shone on the material so that it was visible.

I can’t be quite certain of this as the demons can imitate a lot of noises, smells, etc.

Here is an important bit of information. When everything is available for a discovery to be made, more than one group/person will discover or invent what is being worked on.

I saw a photo of a large vehicle camouflaged under invisibility material. It did the trick for meeting that need, but it was a long way from being able to be used by a person.

Do these heavy duty hitters have access to something like this? If it does exist, it has Set’s signature on it. Meaning if you use it, that is dark magic involved and Heaven is not in their future without a lot of praying.

The reason I thought of it is it felt like I was given a shot. It didn’t feel like a demon’s shot. The needles are much smaller – for Demons. Well, if something happens, or I get sick, where were those two?

I call people in invisibility material “suits”.

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