This is Getting Old – Playing a Game Like a Child?

1:54 – Great restaurant  I am too tired to drive  I would have rested in the Kaiser lot, but felt like I had to play your stupid, childish game  Don’t know where I will end up  ? Shady place?
12:45 – so, why does the demon , Nick, keep putting thoughts into my head ? V’s demon  are there any other demons reading my thoughts  how about one of these dudes next to me  GO AWAY  Now I have to go on Facebook to block Nick’s thoughts   And, my phone is almost dead
Well, since V probably never wants to look like he’s wrong, he might still be trying to prove that I am his – very own, personal stalker. I have had a class down in Novato at 10:00 the last four weeks. It’s on Smith Ranch Road in the Kaiser Psych building. 10-11:30. Why has V needed to be down here shortly before me?

I am very tired and I’ve been thinking about taking a nap – driver safety. But, my friends have been subtly trying to get me to get going. One is causing pain – get more potassium – um, I just took in a bunch. One is prodding. What’s the hurry? Oh I usually go to lunch. It could be Taco Bell, KFC or Mi Pueblo at the mall.

I am at Mulberry Street, a pizza parlor, right down from the behavioral health building. I am parked between two blue vehicles. The other 3 spaces were 15 minute parking. What IS V going to do? I have spoiled this part of the game.

I don’t believe that there are people out there who still believe V. Is there a hard core DW telling you that I can use V’s demon? Really, how? Why doesn’t V take him back now. Why didn’t V take him back years ago? Weird way to treat your stalker. A Demon GPS as a gift.


This is ridiculous. I stopped playing the game a while back. Okay – justification. I drove up to spaces marked with a time limit, turned around and took the first available spot. Okay? I could have gone down further. WHY SHOULD I? WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHAT I DO?

V. Tahoe, 2016, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations. You?

Stupid, childish game.

Prescription. Highway 37

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