Sometimes it’s Difficult to Ask For Help


No one appears ready to stop V and J, yet they must be stopped  I am convinced of it   People like them are desperate for the gangstalking program to keep going  They have a way to get rid of people in their way  people like them are the abusers, the predators, the stalkers, and worse  They can use religion as a front to appear truly up righteous, while using their demons to hurt people

I strongly fear that some of these men are acting out in the community  Hurting people over and above being a voyeur  This is just the way these people’s sicknesses play out  People have to be vigilante, not leave only one child with a person (not talking babysitting), teach children and warn children  There are lots of materials out there for parents

I don’t think the church will do anything   The authorities can’t do anything   No evidence or witnesses  I don’t think gangstalking should be used on anyone

I do feel that, as far as V and J are concerned, good Mormon people need to stop them.  There have to be people out there now who are not afraid of them

I can let you know what is going on and you  can pray, etc. and do what needs to be done. Right now the gangstalking is crazy. When it calms down, being helpful on the road helps. A few of my relatives may be going through this too. I don’t ask. I cannot change what I am doing  However, watching what happens around them tells you in an instant  Being helpful on the road will eventually be noticed – at first you are suspicious of any changes.


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