Help! What is Going On

I think I have more work to do. That sounds strange and maybe a bit conceited, but I think I do. I have learned a lot in seven years.

I am being given salt constantly by one or both ADs (Angel/Demons). Is there a way to get this to stop? No hurting the Angels. The orders come from V I believe. Rick (V’s AD) causes me to have pain in my chest. It is very uncomfortable. Rick, under orders from V can make me tired or dizzy.

If I could get the physical harm to stop, the other dozen things would be more manageable  Keeping a very close eye on V and J would be a good idea  V has to be near a breaking point

V came close to murdering me and he’s trying again

i thought of a more general helping job to help the Angels and Heaven – people could repost blog posts in other languages – particularly Spanish  Then see that Spanish speaking Mormons read about all this


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