And I Have Learned


I think the DW has to be about 100 feet or closer to send over his Devil. A DW can read the mind of a victim if there is a AD with the victim. There was this guy in Whole Foods….. and someone else another place. Reading my mind was part of the play, but I think it’s accurate

There are ALWAYS more cars all around that belong to DWs than there are DWs actually out play acting. It is ridiculous.  They have to coordinate dropping off DW’s cars. The DW’s who can’t work are represented by their cars. Don’t worry, they get a sick thrill by planning these things for their play acting gigs.

– On a day when there is little to no activity, notice and remember. When I say en masse today, I mean en masse. Remember that this is smoke and mirrors. They know where you are and by tapping a phone, everyone on the huge, group text knows where the sender was less than a second ago, and he was near you.

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