Mormons Are Being Joined by All the Others, I Think

Most Mormons have been led to believe that they, for the most part, are the only ones with access to the demons/Thrones. This information must be part of the oral history, of sorts, passed from generation to generation.

Once I determined that the majority of my stalkers were Mormon, the exceptionS that I saw were puzzling. I am cursed or blessed with a mind that really wants to make sense of the information at hand. I am SO fortunate that computers weren’t available when I was a kid – I go bip bopping around following one lead to another. I would have been addicted.

I am about to change some Mormons’ thinking regarding access to demons/Thrones and it won’t be easy at all for some of you. It has to be done. Besides, there are about to be a slew of other cars around. Other gangstalkers.

Somewhere along the way, another growing group also started incorporating Devil Worship into their church. I am not quite sure, but I have one idea. I could be wrong, but I believe that the Baptist Church is involved somehow.

With the explosion of other Evangelical Christian faiths, the Devil Worshippers had to start branching out. Some started to leave and join other churches. They need to be involved in a church to disassociate themselves from any group or activity that: is considered Devil/Satan related; participates in unusual or even illegal sexual behaviors; gives them access to potential male candidates, particularly older male teens; and gives perverts a place to hide (this last May not be a wish of others, but it is just completely inevitable).

There probably are Devil Worshippers in most churches. They may even be in every Abrahamic based church denomination. This includes mainly Christianity, Judaism, and the Islamic faith. There are a few other small religious groups that are considered to be Abrahamic religions. 

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