I Am So Glad That I Cannot Fathom How Someone Could Be a Devil Worshipper – The kind that really works with the Devil or any of his representatives (demons)

– Do you get really upset when you see that an animal was mistreated? Are you a true Devil worshipper? How? There have been days when I have felt that people wouldn’t let a dog be treated the way I was

– Are you against slavery? Are you a true Devil Worshipper? The demons/celestial beings are slaves threatened with their destruction if need be.

– Are you against murder? My potassium level was 2.4 a while back. Dangerously low. I fight to keep it up, while the demons work to keep it low. Low enough that certain drugs would cause my heart to go – if it didn’t reach that point on its own. Murder. Oh yes. And you now know. Against murder? The demons have small amounts of drugs

– Against Murder or at LEAST MANSLAUGHTER? For 7 years hundreds of people who hide behind sheer numbers and the Mormon Church have been gangstalking me. The goal of that is to get me to harm myself. Guess what? Within the last 3-4 years, it has become a crime to push someone into committing suicide. Oh, you may be hiding in plain site, but you are guilty.

– Are you against people breaking into your house? Are you a true Devil worshipper? I had someone break into my house over the last 22 years in order to watch the people in my house. He only had to be by his demon to see what he wanted to see. Yes, breaking and entering. Sure as hell did not have my permission. I didn’t use to talk like that.

– Are you against pedophiles? Yet, you are a true Devil Worshipper. Do you know that Devil Worshippers are for incest? Oh, but you don’t practice that, right. Besides, this doesn’t involve people. No, it doesn’t involve Touching children or allowing the children to see them, yet they ARE looking at real children. Oh, not one of your children. No, mine. YOU BELONG TO A GROUP THAT AGREES WITH PEDOPHILIA. Sounds ugly. Because it is. And – of course these people go out into the real world at some point. A predator follows a progression. Maybe a few don’t, but you a kidding yourself if you think this prevents the pedophile from progressing. Maybe a few stagnant, but not most. Doubts? Ask some psychiatrists who have studied the subject. Oh, then your children ARE at risk.

– Mormon children are so at risk, because they are not told that it is okay to stand up to an adult   They are not taught that people who know them can be predators (MUCH more likely in fact)  They are not taught that there are times when they need to not follow directions from someone in the church – no matter what their position  They are at risk of not being believed or are made to feel like they were at fault (how do I know these things? That’s the way it used to be in my world)  I could go on  They need to know that if they think they will be hurt or if they have been hurt, they do not have to keep a secret and no one is going to kill anyone  Yes, that happens  It really does

– V AT ANY TIME CAN TELL RICK WHAT TO DO. YES, V is essentially Rick’s master. Am I STILL supposed to be stalking V? That is so laughable and you are so gullible if you believe that. So, the last 21 years, V has allowed Rick to tell me where he is, but V complained about being stalked by me?

When did someone train me how to talk with Rick? I have only known of his existence for almost two years and have only mastered understanding yes, and no. I think we do need a teacher. I must be a really slow learner. V on the other hand instantaneously knows what Rick is telling him. Oh, going to church at 10:45 ………..leaving now, going to a Starbucks…….on Washington now.

V needed my attention and the attention of others, he needs to be in control, and control the situation and other people. He needed for people to think that I was stalking him, so he would get somewhere first. 21 years???!!! This is not how stalking works. Any psychiatrist would be incredulous. Go back and read some prior blogs.

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