Sunday Where Else Do You Hide?

Well, I DO notice if the same car drives around more than once, twice. Really?

Why are there gangstalkers at my church! A few may be very well established members. AND you even drove past. Silly. What percentage of people are out there that are gangstalkers? What percentage of gangstalkers are out there who are using the Devil to access powers no person is supposed to have – Devil stolen celestial beings. How sick.

Why don’t you start your own churches? Get out of the good ones. It’s a free country. Oh, it might look bad for you, right? Hide behind a church, good people. I actually am pretty liberal in I don’t care what people believe or practice IF IT DOESN’T HURT ANYONE. I am going to add: defy our justice system, break laws, make someone subservient.

Devil worshippers who actually use the occult for their selfish, sick, immature needs fall into the category of hurting others. If it’s “just” using a being meant to be doing good, torn from Heaven to be used for YOU. Where did your demon come from? Ask.

Those new to my gengstalking. You are trying to push someone over the edge. You think not?Look up Zersetzung. Look up gangstalking. Oh, and in the US, this is manslaughter. Going past me twice with the intent to cause discomfort, fear, etc is the CA DEFINITION OF STALKING.

Thousands of people from Petaluma are guilty.

Just joined? Do you know some of these people will break someone’s ankle, throw boiling on the Vic, cause months of depression- and more – to cover up the great charade and a peeping Tom who, with the use of an enslaved celestial being viewed me, my ex and I, and my daughter and her friends. Yes, through the eyes of their “demon”.

Still want to belong or does that make you sick? This is what the hard core perverts do. Just the righteous view some things. I don’t know what, but it’s wrong. Imagine the rewards you can reap with your total selfishness and disregard for others. For what? Earthly “pleasures” followed by hell. Yes, either disintegrating or in misery. No, no god. Do you really think a devil wants threats in his realm. Right. Just like Hitler would have gone searching for another Fuhrer. Right – sarcasm dripping down. Hitler was one of you. Yes.

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