Sunday Message – God Speed

I went to the doctor last week. I have to watch it when I get a cough that does not go away. I have been following his instructions. I have been using my rescue inhaler every four hours, trying to get a lot of liquids – salt and all. I seemed to be getting worse.

I have a habit of asking myself if gangstalking could be somehow involved. Of course I do. This would mean that “my demons” or the doctor are involved. Sadly, I went with the doctor. Physician do no harm!  Oh, but if it’s done by his demon, does he think he has no responsibility? You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool God. Did another Mormon tell you that? Use a Demon, not guilty. No – Use a Demon, don’t pray and go to hell. If in doubt, look up the Catholic rules on the occult. They seem to know.

A while back, not too long ago, I may have had people try to get their Demons to go with me. I am not sure. To be on the safe side, I sent them back from where they came. I spoke loudly and told all demons to leave me and go back to their “owners”. Go.  Back.  Now.  I hadn’t thrown in any exceptions so D/Rick was gone for a hit. V sent him back. Oh, it seemed to work.

I sent the doctor’s demon back to him. My inhalers seem to be doing the trick now. A thought struck me – if I was able to send his demon back to the doctor, could I have sent the demon/celestial being back to Heaven. That makes a lot more sense. That is where they belong and that is where they want to be. The gangstalker can’t get his hands on that being again.

I recommend trying this while asking for help from God, Allah, YOUR GREAT SPIRIT. This may sound blasphemous, but God does not want Christianity to be this huge line in the sand. Christ did not do that. Man has. God doesn’t want us divided. The good. Look what happens, we let the Devil in while justifying how much better our religion is.

Some of you are “haunted” by demons/celestial beings like I am. If you decide to do this, do it suddenly, with faith that this can happen and getting extra strength through faith.

Those ready to release you celestial being back to “where he belong to be”, “where he came from”, where he needs to return to and stay there forever.

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