Potassium and Water, Name,Tone of My Blog

I still am fighting to get enough potassium. I feel like the salt has been increased. It’s interesting that my refrigerator broke and my keys were taken while I am dealing with this. It is murder. I assume these beings are incapable of doing evil deeds unless they are told to do so.

I spent a month or more being trained in the way Mormons do things. I actually think it was a highly exaggerated version. Stricter, more rigid, developed by sadistic V. Anyway, I have known to not put embellishments in my writing, not joke or use sarcasm, or be silly in any way. In other words, don’t let my personality show. I have started to let it show. I am still toning it down. Gang stalking helped me develop my sarcasm even more.

D will be called Rick. Rick reminded me that he can put images into my head, but I have never been shown much – and if he continues I have to sing or go on Facebook. I am pretty sure that V has instructed Rick to do this.

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