Personal Information – Give it to Your Stalker

Other events

– The song at the beach was You Are My Sunshine

– Summer school 2003 – or 2004. I have to look at a resume. I left my room to go to the teachers’ room. V was digging in the dirt outside his room. He said something and I walked over. He was planting a daisy plant. The family dog Daisy had died. V said he never thought he could get attached to an animal. Did he really? I need a violin.

Some lunchtime when I subbed. V mentioned that he had put in a corner fireplace in P’s and his bedroom. Yep, creepy and over the line.

This is the one that really made me pause and think. Eeewww. D was talking about laundry and mentioned how thrown off he is when coming across his daughter’s underwear. Were we talking about anything along these lines. I think not. New type of underwear- I distinctly remember that being implied. Ugh.

What?! Was he and “D” trying to talk me into something? Not on your life! To each his own, but double ugh for me

When my daughter was in third grade I was helping out in her classroom. V came in and waS acting very strange. He was walking around and not saying much. He did not say why he was in the room. He did point to my shoes. I guess he likes shoes ??! They were new, but my normal “foot problems, can I wear them though the day?” shoes. I am pretty sure that he was drunk. I could only hope that that teacher and his friend had an honest conversation about his problem.

-So, as late as 2003, he talked and was friendly. Yet, I was supposed to be stalking him. Makes absolutely no sense.

I have a few more I think, but it’s late. I won’t make it to the 9:00 service, but hope to make it to the 10:45 service. Does V go downtown when I head to church? How does he see me? I drive all different ways. Well, if you have read my blog, you shouldn’t believe him. If a male insists on defending him, what is that male into? Where is his trapped celestial being?

Sad. Meant to be in Heaven. This has to be like a hell to many of them.

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