Information That Comes as a Shock

I asked again out loud how in the world V convinced people that there was a way I could follow him. It made absolutely no sense at all. V could ask “D” where I was going, but I certainly didn’t have a demon/celestial being to ask. I didn’t know “D” existed until a little less than two years ago.

I had better clarify. I was wondering if I was supposed to have known about Rick.

I was really upset. The idea that I would ALLOW a being that was in anyway connected to the Devil into my house was appalling. Near my kids? My ex and I had a safe place for our family – our children, ourselves, our kids. We had lived in numerous places in three states to get here. Our house was OUR home. To think that someone violated it makes me more than furious. This is one reason I try to keep an image of myself turning immediately around if I think V is anywhere near. Immediately. He is not worth spending any time in jail for. Scum of the Earth that he is.

I am just grateful that my family will never know this. We had many, many wonderful times in our home. I have to get our photos scanned and someplace where we can ALL view them. They have been completely organized twice before. Both times I ended up putting them in trash bags as part of a scenario. This time, I will scan them as I go.
Hundreds and hundreds of photos THAT I PICKED UP FROM MY EX WHEN I WENT TO CO IN 2016!!!

Back to communicating with “D” to know where V was going. The only way I know how to get information from him is to ask a question and wait. Different methods have been tried. Right now, I ask a question. If I hear a certain sound, then the answer is probably yes. No sound probably means no. I say probably because they are not supposed to answer certain questions.

There is no way this type of communication would work effectively to get me anywhere. It’s crazy. V and J have another way of communicating, but I certainly wouldn’t know how to use that. I don’t understand. I guess the ladies were told that there was a way for me to get that information, and they just had to accept it. I can’t believe good men believed this. There must be something that I don’t know.

The more I find out what V has done, the scarier, more devious, intelligent, manipulating, controlling he appears to be. I now think he has a personality disorder and is a sociopath – does feel emotions, extremely manipulative, and is most concerned about himself.

I realized recently that he never asked me any questions about me. That was odd considering what he told me. But then, he was my son’s ex teacher so it wouldn’t have been normal or very socially acceptable to say much except what the kids were up to. I never shared anything personal. Why would I?

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