Why Act This Way When “Running Into” Your Stalker?

I meant to mention something   My dad and I could/can not remember names for the life of us   – names to anything , movies, people  But, I can remember, usually pretty accurately, bits of not so important information – from mystery books, for example. I am also am pretty good at remembering some conversations and events. I have a friend from kindergarten   I will text her and tell her something about something that happened in the past   She comes back with, “How do you remember that?” Examples: her mom short sheeted our bed as a joke when I stayed at their house   I was 6; my kindergarten teacher taught first Grade one year, and our shoes looked alike  I think I was 6; my friends brother had a certain type of truck  don’t know the name, but it was a new type; I remember doing art in the basement of our friends’ house in Cleveland  art Heaven, the mom of 5 was an artist  I was four when we left (Betty Barish – New Mexico); my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) took my little sister and I to see Mary Poppins when I was nine  I can picture where we sat in the theater
V was the perfect gentleman the year my daughter started kindergarten. I was a nervous wreck. I had acted strange during a short period the previous March. Then I had vigilantes testing me out for no reason – had the lies started? I think they had. I don’t think they ever stopped, but I had no idea………..

– at daughter’s orientation   V shows us his temporary room

– End of the summer, I took my daughter to the frozen yogurt store near Lucky  It was crowded  I saw V way on the other side of the room and pretty much froze – panicky almost frozen  Managed to get my daughter and myself yogurt, sit at a table and I am facing the front door. I look up and V is sitting in a non descript car – might have been dark in color  Back then, I truly did not know cars  V appeared to give a very, very slight nod in acknowledgment and drove away  Why? We try to make sense out of things  The only thing I could think of is that he was being nice and showing me the bug car was gone  Didn’t really make sense  I now think that V made sure that I saw his car   He could then tell people that I had seen his car

– V walks into the K room that three of us are using to plan a Scout meeting. He stared straight ahead and then turned around and took his class elsewhere.

– K teacher took her kids for a tour of the school. I was panicky, but couldn’t figure out how to get out of it. V was standing all by himself on the stairs of his room. Why?

– I had to get permission to use the teachers’ restroom. Lithium gave me diarrhea and I helped in the room one day a week. Only ran into V in that hallway one time years later. One of two times that I saw him not happy. I was probably subbing.

– I am not sure when, but my kids and I were getting mail out of our mailbox and V was on his bike in front of my house  I found that upsetting   My kids, my home  Somehow my kids didn’t notice and we headed for the house V appeared to be intoxicated

-V had a strange habit of saying something out loud about himself or his family, or saying something to me out loud about himself or his family. One thing.

– I was subbing and walked past V’s room to get to the teachers’ room. It was extremely cold. As I pass, V says something about it being as cold as MN. We lived there for four years. Trying to make a connection?

– My ex and I were in Blockbuster. We run into V, say hi and start looking for videos. Ex and I are a ways away and V says that he found a video and it was set in MN. Terrible movie. Violent. I recently realized that he had “found” that video very quickly. I don’t think so. I think he heard from his friend that my ex and I were going to the video store that afternoon or evening, he got there earlier or early and put the video where he could grab it quickly. Didn’t he have a life?

– Year I worked as a teacher 1/2 time – Some of us went to the popular restaurant/brewery on the river. We were outside. V shared that his step mom was Tongan. He said a sentence in that language and mentioned at some point that she was Mormon. That was 2003. I had no idea that V probably was Mormon until then – I think. He ordered an alcohol free beer. V could never have accused me of following him to church. I had no idea.

– Same year. I went to a beginning of the year beach gathering. I don’t know if I would have gone if I had know the turnout would be so small. But then, the principal was going. We all were supposed to sing a song. V sang, “You Are My Sunshine. In front of his stalker? V went off to go for a walk, two or three female teachers went off for a walk, and I stayed with the principal. I would have liked to go for a walk with the female teachers. Oh. That is when V mentioned that a brother in law was a Sheriff – local. That is one reason I thought that the gangstalkers were tied with the Sheriff’s department (at times). At other times I thought there had to be someone from summer 1997 that was convinced that I was the person they were trying to set me up to be. But I really hadn’t done much except make a fool of myself – I had no idea about the other.

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