The Devil Made Me Do It!

Not me. I think I have safely established that. Why would I have gone around for a bit, thinking about how awful it was that P never got a vacation? Bet she never saw either letter.

These Mormon males are raised to think most highly of themselves. It’s built in. There are big problems when one group thinks of themselves as better than another. It gets played out when the dominant group abuses the non dominant group.

There are those of you – both sexes who disagree with what these self proclaimed kings are doing. Who died and made them kings?

I don’t know how far back this goes. Joseph Smith used the occult to some extent to help the family and then himself with treasure hunting. He later purchased 4 mummies and helped transcribe some of the writings that came with them – criticized of course. Height of the Egyptian craze I think. Smith probably knew about Set, a powerful Devil who wanted to be a god – from Egyptian times.

Devils are fallen angels kicked out of Heaven. The Angels had helpers. The helpers got caught up in the Devil’s folly and followed him to hell. These are demons and there IS a hell. I don’t know much here, but with the right words and right circumstances, Mormon males have access to personal demons.

I was discouraged from talking to V’s and J’s demons. I guess people were noticing. Yep – one for 22 years, and one for quite a while. It seems crazy. It I hadn’t been aware of them for two years,  I would say it is phooey.

I am a throw away person. All the Devil Worshippers believe this. One for all and all for one. Protect the predator Mormon Devil Worshippers at all costs. Any wives accused by their husbands – husband as witnesses. That disposable woman goes through this and is gone. No division of monies. He’s set to go. Others. Send a demon over and you can see what goes on in the household. Your own perverted demon experience.

people are actually entrusted with these entities. To add to the mix, the Devil and Mormons have worked together to what I call suits. Invisibility material with a touch of black magic thrown in. J raced next to my bed one night to steel pills. I think he was normal size. Some lights from the power strip shone up. I could see the material. Once I made a sudden stop. J didn’t think I’d make the stop. A suit when from a smaller size until I felt a lot of power pushing behind my seat.

J has know I was innocent all the time. V couldn’t resist in breaking up my ex and myself. And by then J was involved with getting rid of this throw away – as were all the men at the Rohnert Park District office who come out of the restrooms, zipping, buttoning, tightening. Yes, very sophomoric, but so are these guys. Deadly game played by cowards.

How are these demons used to spy, let a male have its need met.  How could they be misused. Out in society? Responsibility lies with you.

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