Angels, Angel Helpers, and the Ultimate Deceivers

I know that I have had a miracle happen to me years ago. There most likely was an angel involved. Sometimes I do feel like I must have a Guardian Angel.

I have been asking myself a lot of questions, looking in the Bible, searching through the internet, and checking out the Catholic views on things. The Catholics, no matter what you think of their practices, know a lot about the evil, devils, and such.

I know that Devils were Angels that were kicked out of Heaven by God. Satan was kicked out of Heaven by God. I haven’t known how to classify the friends that I have with me – demons, I suppose.

This morning everything seemed to come together. I have been thinking that these Demons were once in Heaven – maybe as some sort of helper. I was looking at the various celestial beings and there are some good candidates.

I think I am right when I mention the Devil Set – it just fits, plus that is the Devil that some fairly modern Devil worshippers work with. Yes, I think they work with him. Now, either the demons/angelic helpers fell from Heaven when an Angel did or not. I looked up what I could on these beings. They are serving, but don’t appear to be under the supervision of an Angel. And, why should they fall when a Angel does? It doesn’t make any sense.

Set is one of the great deceivers. Devil worshippers follow his lead. How could hundreds of thousands of good religious people be using demons from Set? I was looking up some things about Mormon beliefs last night – The Ten Commandments are very important. Though Shalt Not Kill. Gangstalking, and even other shunning kills.

What have Mormons been told about these demons?  They haven’t been told that they are demons. That would make the whole church evil – I was really having difficulty with that. They have been told that they are celestial beings. That bit of possible information plopped into place.

But, if these Celestial helpers don’t fall out of grace and go to Hell, then how does a Devil get them? I don’t think he can get into Heaven, but he could use his powers to take them from Heaven. So, here we have beings from Heaven who were stolen. They are given to Mormon men – many possibly thinking that they are truly direct from Heaven. No, they have accepted a gift from a Devil. You can’t accept any gift from Hell and stay in God’s graces. Though, I don’t know how not knowing something plays out. You have to pray in detail, repent, ask for forgiveness. You are supposed to say you will never commit this sin again, but you have this Angelic demon. I would ask for God’s help.

I have been awfully puzzled by how all this could happen. This makes more sense. Maybe people have been told that since these are celestial beings, what they do is okay. How they are used is okay. I believe that they have to do what they are told to do by their “owner”. Men “own” them. Men sin. Men are able to abuse them and have them do evil things.

This all just makes me sad. I get angry about this, but right now it makes me sad.

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