A Change, Not a Disolution

I am not trying to destroy or take down the church. I have been incredibly hurt and changed by gangstalking. Many people have been killed by gang stalking. It is not righteous. It is evil. The last two years I have learned about the incredibly evil part that those truly affiliated with a Devil are doing.

I don’t think being/using evil is the wish of all of you – particularly the women. The men have been taught that it is their right to have this being and to use it for…….

It will lead them to hell.

There are a number of special things about the Mormon Church / family, community, spirituality, fasting and I am sure there are many others. We are human beings. We are not meant to control a celestial being – and then to use it for selfish and evil ends.

I doubt if the truly evil men will back down.

But, as hard as it will be to go without, there are good men who can see these problems. Maybe men and women need to talk and work together. This WILL BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT FOR ALL!

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