SCENARIO! Reason to Read This Blog

One reason to read this blog is to find out what kinds of things can be done to someone. I am fairly certain that almost anyone can be set up to be gangstalked. Anyone can make an accusation. It is really hard to defend yourself against an accusation when the. Accuser is so convincing and has no reason to lie. There lies the problem. In a court, evidence is required. Not so in the court of gangstalking. Imagine what a disgruntled male might say against his wife. Scary to think about, but it has probably happened.

I just caught my friends in the middle of another scenario. They encouraged me to keep writing in my blog, giving detail. I had a meeting to go to, so I stopped.

That’s when I couldn’t find my keys. I’ve looked all over. They were in my purse. I am sure if that. I have been hooking them onto something so they couldn’t be taken away. I guess they are hidden, but not in my apartment. V could be told to tell his friend to give them back to me – or slip them back. You NEVER see what these friends or secret weapons do.

My spare keys were taken a while back. Now, I am being “told@ to go for a walk. If V wants me to go anywhere he will have to give me back my keys.

Here is what I will do when I have the time – take an Uber to the dealership unless this can be done over the phone. Order a new key.  I guess I might have to rent a car a few days.

V give me back my keys, have your friends stop hurting me,

Having details was probably part of the scenario.

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