Help! Potassium Needs Won’t Be Met and J

There is a way that some of my potassium needs aren’t being met. With low potassium, basically, the heart can start. “Misfiring”, won’t maintain a normal beat and I die. I need the friends removed and any others kept away. Suits need to stay away as well. I am pretty sure when my potassium is low enough that heart failure could be helped along by a stimulant. I have read up on it enough that I am beginning to remember the information. I was barely keeping up with possibly being able to keep my level just in a safe zone. I doubt if I can keep up with what V or J have added.

There is a way I can tell if V and/or J are listening or checking in. Yes, J stayed away for a while, but he has been back for at least a month if not longer. He has known what is going on. He should not be overseeing V. J hates me just as much, if not more than V. Anyone else can be threatened and have no choice but to go along.

V had no right to have his friend join me 22 years ago. He has no right to be involved in my life at all. J would not be here. They need to be removed completely from my life.

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