Childish Behavior – Vandalism

My potassium levels might be okay.
I might have walking pneumonia. I have had it before. I shouldn’t have it this time. I took prescription cough pills and it seemed to go away. I suppose you could give someone walking pneumonia.

I went to move food into my ice chests. They should have been good to go even if I had not gotten them to the closet. Well, one was like the photos above show

I won’t call the police this time, but I will the next  Maybe the officer who sat in my apartment and wouldn’t let me in will show up  I would like that

I will show the manager  Blew it  My family knows that I have used them, I have been looking for the remote, the cord, and the kitty sign  I don’t think that these were in the same places – so this shows real planning, not just what they could grab

If you think this is okay, you were not taught right from wrong  If you think this is funny, you are as immature as I thought you are

If you think this is what a good religious person would do, you are highly mistaken  Read the Bible  Note how Jesus acts  There must be some references in your other books on how to treat other people  Read the Ten Commandments

Almost all religions have a form of the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated

Gangstalking and all that goes with it is wrong – plain and simple

A remote. The cord to my dad’s old Bose radio/CD. If it doesn’t work, I can’t afford a new one. Breaking and entering, vandalism.

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