Being Specific, My Spaces, Me

It was suggested that I be very specific. I would appreciate it if V, his followers, and potential rogue people know that they are not to be near me at all, in any form: regular, or as a suit. They are not to send over or have near me any “secret weapon”. They need to follow the guidelines that they follow when serving anyone else while doing their jobs – one exception to be anywhere near me work.

They are not to be in or near my car, apartment or any place I am staying or residing. They are not to harm me in any way or force me to do anything including, but not limited ti: anything that is considered sexual – any penetration (prior threat), oral sex, touching in any manner. This does not get easier. I am sure there are other areas, but I can’t think of them.

V needs to let one helper know that he is to stop taking my pills. Everyone needs to know to stop taking my pills, to not touch my pills, to do nothing to my pills.

Doctors, nurses, all health care workers -please let them know to: not delay my pills or do anything inappropriate on my Kaiser site (tech – yes, they can), pretend they are going to hurt me in the hospital – or do any other acting, prescribe the appropriate treatment (not involving steroids for example), double check for drug interactions, “do no harm “ in other words.

People who work at my apartment or anyplace.  Anyone else: do not sabotage anything (freezers, toilets), take anything, move anything, come in unless it is an approved time. I will post what has happened. My refrigerator should  really should be here. Delivery people made a big show of putting boxed appliances on the gate of the truck. However, the fridge was not there.

No management person, persons who do work for this complex, worker, gardeners are to treat me any differently than they treat others – any place I live, now or in the future.

If I get a pet, the pet is to be treated the same as I am   Following all these guidelines.

I hate for this to go on, but it will. Seven years was a long time for people to do things. If I have to be detailed, I guess I need to be. Here is one way to think of it: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Would you give your car a flat tire? I don’t think so.

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