Who Created Gangstalking? What About the Numbers?

You are not supposed to question – anything. Most of you wouldn’t think of it, because you don’t know any difference, that is the way it is supposed to be, and that’s the way it has been since ?? the 1840’s. Besides, life is easier that way. In many ways it is easier, isn’t it? Don’t have to think. You just live.

Hear no evil, see no evil, fear no evil, right? Oh, the evil is out there even if you try not to pay any attention to its existence. How can you possible know what evil or the Devil is up to if you keep your head in the sand? God wants us to be wary, and look out for evil. You can’t completely trust ANYTHING OR ANYONE and be aware of where evil is hiding. After all, evil is the great deceiver.

If you watched tv or read the news, or watched the news, you might be aware at how absolutely shocked people are when SOME, BUT NOT ALL, of the Serial killers, pedophiles are caught. Yes, some are loners and not social, but some know exactly how to charm, but not be pushy, be friendly, but not overly so. In short – that describes a psychopath with good social skills. Though NOT all psychopaths are killers – think ruthless, selfish business person.

Besides, the church has never made any mistakes, right? Native Americans, and African Americans.

Religions change. Jews, Christians, and Muslims do not stone people to death despite what it says in their ancient texts. The incredibly powerful message that came with Christ was that not only could you be forgiven – for ANYTHING-, but you ARE to forgive others. Judging others is one of Caesar’s jobs after all (not a mob’s job).

New information is discovered or found. For example, the Mormon Church has quite a bit of information online now regarding mental illness. Members are highly encouraged to get help for their family members who are suffering from a mental illness. Yes, I recently looked. Are there any words that are supposed to be passed down to the congregations? Words about mental illness? I don’t know how it works. Interesting – some people wouldn’t think twice if they were told some erratic behavior was being caused by a drug or medical illness. But, they have such a hard time believing that chemicals within the body or traumatic events could cause behavior changes. I think that is because we deathly fear not being in control of our actions. It is scary. That’s why they need our support.

I really got off topic. I am supposed to be writing about Devil Worshippers and predators. Predators may or may not have mental illnesses, but that is not usually our problem. They just have to be prevented and stopped from preying on others. No one stopped V from preying on me or my family. He’s good, granted – good as far as being a deceiver, but there is no reason he should be allowed to continue.

I believe that Mormons who were Devil Worshippers devised gangstalking and many of its ugly, disgusting practices. Who wrote the propaganda that goes along with promoting and justifying it to the masses? I can’t say if anyone higher in the church has been involved. I did try to get some statistics. The only group where I could nail something down was those who sexually abuse children – Catholic Priests – 4%, a large group of Anglican Canadian Priests, 4%. I was dismayed when I read that teachers 5-7%. Any number is too high, but can’t we screen teachers better than that? Sad.

So, my guess is that Devil Worshippers were highly involved with developing and promoting Gangstalking. Look how it benefits them? They can use it against anyone who wants to stop them or expose them. You created a monster you know. There is nothing – nothing that you people cannot control in my life. Blackmailing someone is a piece of cake. Hey, create the “evidence” yourself. I can guarantee – well, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen looks – I can just about guarantee that evidence was created to use against me. There is someone from every field and every occupation within that field who is Mormon. Monster? Not all the people used want to go along. Easily solved. That expert is blackmailed or someone is threatened. If the expert doesn’t go along s/he is pronounced guilty and is put on the list. Then, s/he is murdered by all of you when s/he commits suicide. Yes, murder. Look up texting, girlfriend, suicide.

Look at V and J. Was J sent in to check on V? Nope. Was there anyone at anytime who questioned V knowing all the facts – including what had been with me for 22 years? No Anyone who talked to me? No. Hm. If there was he would have been coerced to lie. You can’t win with these people or this system. That is why our justice system is set up the way it is. Even then, horrid people frame others, coerce confessions because they are lazy. How DO any of you manage to be cops. How can you be? Pledge to the constitution of the United States of America. Numbers next blog.

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