Really Tired of Refried Beans

I will get to the beans.

I am here. I am not sure what exactly may have made a difference, if anything did – if any suit was here. The people driving last night sure were buzzing around. Though, quite a few were around and about the Starbucks. There were 11 cars yesterday with one light out, one light brighter, etc.

I thanked God this morning for coming across our itinerary. I don’t remember seeing it over the years. However, it must have been there. When I saw it, I may have thought it was the August calendar that was made for me when I was in the hospital for preterm labor. That was August 1992.

I don’t think that V is supposed to be killing me,  but I believe that he continues to have my potassium kept dangerously low. That can cause serious heart problems and lead to heart failure. I know what all the potassium rich foods are.  In the grand scheme of things, Eating potassium rich foods should not be a big deal.

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