Maybe, Maybe Not

Big Mistake – letting you and I know that my last posts really bothered them. There are cars coming up Reischling. They’ve been at it all night. This hasn’t happened in years. There may or may not be suits in here. I guess it’s liquid. I warned them of the big mistake they are making. Blunder. I don’t think there will be enough bits and they won’t be right.

If it’s even real. My friends like to make up a new scenario every night.

I wondered if they had been following my blog. Because I don’t see how you could really be following my blog and believe V. You can’t. You just can’t.

Anyway, I have done all I really need to do. You know as much as i do. It’s in your court. Oh, I can write a few more things, but the important info. is out there. Also, sometime in the future a group that is doing gangstalking is going to blow it. Oh yes, Mormons are not the only gangstalkers out there. If you look it up skip the silly ones about mind control though there can be a bit of that, but not with microwaves and such.

So, someone will blow it. They will pick a person who already has their car or their house completely covered with cameras. People will come forward. It will come out. At that time or another when the church is in some crisis, there will be enough momentum for change or for people who want to to leave. Not a huge number, but there have to be some who would except for gangstalking or being chained to the Devil Worshippers. Or, at least give you a chance to rid the church of as many predators as you can.

I am not a predator. I am the girl next door – or was growing up. By the time my family and I got to Petaluma, we were so ready to be a stable great family. We had been a nomadic great family. I was shaky for a while, but soaked up being a stay at home mom in our house. V violated that house. He lied and had people turn against me. He made accusations that were impossible. No one checked. No one talked to me.

I will never tell my ex though he knows enough…………but, one person in the family being hurt by V is enough. I won’t let him touch the memories of the rest of us. I want to go through my pictures again. We have had great times in Petaluma.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings. Oh, V and J – IF anything is happening – I still think every day they want to scare me into action – which they won’t. If anything is happening, J and V have their alibis, but their crew might not.

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