Gangstalking/Devil Worship/Occult Numbers 1 It may be the most informative site that I have found on the topic.

The most important numbers that I first came across were: 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 and 21 (3X7).
– 3 is the first sacred number. It is the first perfect number. I don’t know what that means, but it is a prime number. It represents the Pagan Trinity. 333 is a way occultists hide 666. The triangle is important here.
-6 is the next number. It represents man and the beast.
– 7 is supposed to be a very powerful number. It is “the spirit of everything. Again 7X3= 21

  • 9 is the first squared number of a prime number. 3 squared is 9. Also, 9 turned over is 6. This all makes it even clearer why on gangstalkers license plates, 3, 6, 9 are interchangeable.
  • 11 is the next sacred number. I haven’t paid attention to it, since it takes up three spaces. 3X11=33. Powerful 3 times powerful 11. Hitler was a follower. The year 1933 is when he came to power. That must have been important to him.
  • Just so we don’t forget, Germany was a democracy and voted in Hitler.
  • 13 is a sacred number. 1939 was supposedly chosen by Hitler because 13 times 3 is 39.

When I first realized that there were patterns to the numbers used on the plates, I figured that there were some religious zealots on board (following someone around in a car because of what you are told about them – tons of scented Christmas trees equaled Christian zealots in my mind). I figured that 3 probably stands for the Trinity. Maybe it does. Maybe that’s what people are told, but 6? I have seen a number of 666’s.

I wrote a different interpretation above, but 666 often stands for evil and the Devil. One site had a different view mentioning angels.

I know that 8 is a very strong number, but I can’t find the information from before.

NOTE. FROM John – “Salvation comes from the Jews.” Also – “Jews are the children of Satan” was NEVER meant to be used in isolation but part of a conflict Jesus was dealing with. Jesus and his disciples were Jews who were preaching about something new. Jesus never intended us to go up against another group. Period.

NOTE – My younger sister was born on Friday the 13th. Lucky day for me. If you want to know what God does and does not approve of, go to Catholic sites. He does not approve of anything doing with the occult. Period. Including numerology. The Devil Worshippers use the Devil, Set, to get things they want. They probably use numerology. If they designed the Mormon license plate code, then the numbers probably have something to do with the occult. But, as far as I am concerned, everything that has anything to do with gangstalking is evil.

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