Effect? I Would Say So

I didn’t know if what I wrote would have any effect at all. Whoa! It sure did. For 8:30 at night, there were quite a few cars on Lakeville. Half got right on the freeway though.

QUESTION: Was it what I wrote that bothered them so, or who would read this? Did any of the rest of you get the text about Lakeville? IDK May be the whole Kit N Kaboodle, but I hope not.

I am not comfortable taking a group of people and lumping them all together. I hope there are those of you who think there may be some truth to this – and are appalled. There will be those appalled that I said anything like this. Can’t help it.

I know what V is. I know what J is. Every culture. EVERY culture has predators. I think the predators have been making this system seem attractive to other predators or fringe predators – guys going outside the norms of decency just because they can. The more there are, the more they can use control, forces, fear to rule gangstalking.

Que sera, sera.

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