I need some help please. I need someone to have V communicate with his helpers.

The first request is embarrassing, but it certainly has made my life difficult. I need my libido and all my feelings and emotions left alone. All are not okay, but the first is totally inappropriate and distressing. I look at Facebook or sing to block its effects. Tiresome. V uses it to try to distract me from writing my blog or other things. Anxiety, sadness, depression, etc. need to stop also. Oh yes, and anger. It takes an awful lot to make me angry, but V got me to destroy a glass mirror. Thank you.

I would really like to be able to drink water and other liquids again without having salt put in them. I need to be able to eat and drink without thinking/tasting substances that aren’t there – like salt. The added salt has to do with trying to cause my heart to fail from not enough potassium. Or to have people add to that and have it fail. In fact, there needs to be no more interference with any single one of my bodily functions, organs, thoughts, feelings, muscles – anything – pressure put on my chest, trouble breathing, Nothing to cause me distress, to harm or effect my health, nothing to affect any part of me

If someone could check to see if I really am no longer on Estrogen or any single other substance -in any form – I would very much appreciate it. The muscles in my chest are made to contract and it hurts   It can hurt a lot, and I tolerate pain fairly well, so this is pretty extreme at times. Recently, I have been warmer than I think I should be. If it’s from going off estrogen then it can’t be helped. If it so for another reason, then that wouldn’t be good. Thank you.

My leg is made to feel pain when one of the helpers wants me to go to bed, shower, lie on my back. I really need this to stop.

V asks his helpers to try and make me feel distressed when they …………boy, this is a tough one  It also sounds even crazier than everything else  They either pretend to, or have the ability to ejaculate something  I just started thinking more light hearted things so it really didn’t phase me after a while (after their horrid scenarios – like where they threatened to harm my daughter)  Something like “boys will be boys”

In short, I would like there to be nothing more done that interferes with my body functioning normally

I assume V’s helpers have to continue following orders until he asks them to stop.

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