Devil Worshipping Gangstalkers Out and About

There have to be, and always will be, Devil Worshippers who know who I am. I am going to continue to live my life. Except for being extra careful around water, watching my step, holding the rail, MAKING SURE THE SEMI AND OTHER VEHICLES HAVE HAD PLENTY OF TIME TO SEE ME BEFORE THEY PASS, carrying mace and noise devices, and following other safety precautions, there is not much that I can do.

I did not get this far by crawling into a hole, and I don’t intend to now. That being said: if there could be a general warning given I would very much appreciate it -if that would be the term. If Good Samaritans let it be known – without putting themselves in harm’s way- let it be known that they are keeping a look out, I would really appreciate it.

My vehicle has been tampered with – mainly to make it sound like something is wrong  Smashed fog lamps and 5 flats were added to that  If something can be said – or just leave me alone – but you have your ways  I am just bringing up all things I think of

Certain scenarios that I have been fed include kidnapping from out on the road – or surrounded by large vehicles.

I don’t know if there is a group text system that will cover huge distances, but I might end up on a most wanted texts. Counter texts would be appreciated. Maybe some would see things differently if they were referred to my blog – before I get too much down. As I VERY SLOWLY, but consistently remove it.

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