Collateral Damage

That is such a cold and heartless term. Find out that I am talking about people makes it that much worse. But, V is the perfect evil gangstalker. He has the “rules” down.

You destroy your target/victim. To do so you somehow take away all ties he has to anyone or anything. The ultimate goal is for s/he to destroy herself. I went from using target to victim. Target takes away the human factor. It’s much easier to handle neutralizing the Target than murdering a human being.

The gangstalkers affected others’ lives to get to me. They thought that by bringing these people down, I would lose their support. V has been dealing with some strong people who have gone through much in their lives.  In their cases, they became that much stronger.

– My primary caregiver after I broke my ankle is a fantastic person. We became good friends.  A doctor from Petaluma left out the material that went between her new knee and the bone. She was in excruciating pain, almost lost her leg, but a doctor from Stanford saved it. It is basically resolved I guess. The doctor might have been threatened. This is more an FYI piece of information.  And, maybe hearing about this will give some people pause.

– Bill, my brother in law is my biggest concern. V has caused him irreparable damage, but maybe he could have some peace from his demons. Maybe my sister could get a glimpse of him. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

– Bill is a simple soul. Smart, but just needing the basics out of life. He could not handle controversy. Great person who worked hard with adult students to help them get their needs met – Sonoma State and the JC. He walked a lot and was working out at the gym. For decades he managed his type II diabetes with diet and exercise.

They thought that by getting to Bill they could get to Linda. They probably have, but not nearly as much as they intended to. Bill became depressed a year before I did. Same symptoms as I but 8 years instead of 10 1/2 months. One day is horrid. He has depression with anxiety. He has become less and less active over time despite his caregivers and my sister’s best efforts. Bill has been in care homes for probably more than four years. He keeps getting weaker from not using his muscles. Right now he uses a wheel chair, only getting up to reach the DVD player.

Here is another area that has impacted my sister immensely- money. I get the feeling that bringing up money may not be polite. But, the impact of basically having this money being taken is far reaching. My sister worries what she will do. For years she paid $4,000 a month for Bill to be cared for in a home situation. $1,000 was paid for by Bill’s mother. Now she is paying $5,000 a month with $1,000 being paid by Bill’s mom. Linda could have put Bill in a nursing home – to be waited on and he would have declined much faster. She won’t. Bill probably qualifies for much of the home to be covered by a tribe he belongs to in Oklahoma. My sister won’t do that. She was having a caretaker take him out as much as possible. She was trying to take him out once a week. Numerous people helped keep him as active as they could.

My sister truly HAS been there for me. In 2007, after going through cancer and other events, I started spiraling down into my first depression. V may have had something to do with this – rumor has it. As my health declined, my sister stepped in to help. I had gotten so that I couldn’t drive. My sister volunteered to stay with me so that my ex and daughter could go on our planned trip to Hawaii. After the trip, my sister was getting our daughter to school. My ex was working in San Jose or thereabouts at the time. I ended up in the hospital and my sister was taking care of our daughter and getting her to see me at the hospital. Yes, at age 14, my daughter got to walk down a long hallway with a guard, go into a locked facility, and visit her mother on a mental ward – and my sister was there.

She was there is 2013 also. V and gangstalkers definitely played a role here. My sister supervised my move, took me to counseling appointments, helped me navigate the hospital system, drove me to an outpatient program in Petaluma. This time, she also had a husband at home who was suffering from the same thing. You see how I cannot possibly hurt her – or other family members.  Over a year ago, with pressure from two of V’s friends, I almost succumbed to that. Never again.

So Bill needs to be released. Please.

FYI – The man next door to my sister – where Bill lived – is a fireman. He may be okay and just be a regular gangstalker. How do I know? His son and his son’s friends were on my sister’s roof when I was sleeping in the living room one time. Another time I was staying with my brother in law so my sister could go on a trip. I looked out the window. It was a gorgeous day, but the view was marred by the son washing the boat. How can people put their kids in such situations and tell them such libelous filth. I didn’t let this stuff get to me other than feel disgust, but there is a sadness there that I haven’t really dealt with. I had told myself I wouldn’t cry. It worked.

There are two other people who have been affected. I will cover their “cases” in a bit.

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