Do You Know the People You Are Protecting? They Hide Behind Your Church. You Let Them Hide.

I might be heading out 37, though it is late. Have to get a card. Could go somewhere else.

I put the Nor Cal info partly to show why it makes all the sense in the world for me to be in Napa or Sonoma – besides being a tourist which I enjoy being. Spring 2006 – 1 lumpectomy and 2 other surgeries in SONOMA. My ex came with me to my intake appointment. Why was V there? Spring/summer 2006 – Napa for my plastic surgeon. Painful expansion over time followed by final surgery in Napa.

I had chemo in Petaluma on Lynch Creek I think it is. Gee, who was I following where when I went to my scheduled chemo appointments. I had follow up appointments there for years. I was in a trial despite dropping out. I almost went out on the trial drug. I still needed to be seen under the rules of the trial b

Spring break 2006. I figured out when I would lose my hair. We all headed down to So Cal. I started losing my hair at Disneyland – as planned. We all had a great time. The next day my ex and I went to the wedding reception of good friend’s son. It was in Corona, CA. I had just enough hair. We were most likely staying with our other good friends in Corona. So, our invite was dated. Did V get one? The one friend has been mayor of Corona off and on. Always on the city council. His wife was my roommate for orientation weekend.

Well, I sure wouldn’t believe that V has to keep playing his stupid game, but maybe he is. I might be going for a drive down Lakeville to 37 to Novato. I fell in love with this drive when I had appointments 3-4 mornings a week on Smith Ranch Road in Novato. In December. It’s incredible. I could go somewhere else. To outsmart V and his informant, I have to not think about where I am going. That takes a lot of energy. That’s what I did when V challenged me to not follow him. I did my best, but three cars that made specs and many crew members ready to cheat made it hard. I’d rather be working. Driving gets me out and boosts my mood.
– ————————-/——————

You are willing to allow Devil Worshippers to hide amongst you. Really? Do you really know what they believe in? Do you allow this because they help the males among you access what they need to———what does a normal, God fearing male Mormon need that for? Excellent way to spy on a wife or anyone else. I think using it makes him a Devil worshipper too. So much for Heaven.

I am avoiding telling you what Devil Worshippers believe and often partake in. It makes me ill. They believe in pedophilia. They believe in incest. I am not sure, but I bet they believe in some rather horrid sexual practices. Thank goodness I can’t even imagine and hope never to.

The Mormon Church is the perfect hiding place for these people. I would guess that the percentage of predators in the Mormon Church is higher than the general population because of these people. After all, V spied on my house and family for about 15 years. You would rather not think about what they do? Ignorance is bliss, right? For the good of the church, right? My daughter and her friends in the most safe environment that my husband and I could provide. Sickening. Thank God they will never know – not blasphemy. I truly thank God that my daughter and her friends will never know. I don’t want my ex to know. Our house was our sacred place.

I learned recently that one of my daughter’s good friends during V’s possible observation times is Mormon. I feel just as ill. Does that change how you feel?

All types of perverts can have their needs met. If you think all of them can have all their horrid needs met, you ARE naive. They probably still are predators out and about. Parents, DO NOT allow your child to be alone with most “trusted” adults – like a Bishop, Boy or Girl Scout Leader. I am serious.

I KNOW the church is completely against gays. I really don’t care as long as no one (including the teens in Utah) gets hurt – in any way. Here is where I can imagine a scenario. What if there is a Mormon man who is gay and wants to stay in the church? He earns his black magic toy, gets married, and is a voyeur viewing a gay couple that he selects. He should have left the church. But, unlike almost every other social group in the US, he will be abandoned by all he knows, by everyone he knows. One trait of a cult. To be thrown out is devastating.

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