I Notice When Things Are Different. I Just Do.

I think Thank you. More people kept back a respectable distance or even more to make a point. I tried to get people behind me to do a favorite move – Go up the Cinnabar driveway and traffic has to pass by. But, it didn’t work. There weren’t enough cars and I know there were a ton out there. Sorry for no lights for a while – embarrassing.

Trader Joe’s lot. It is the best lot around for parking lot gangstalking. For the number of cars out, it wasn’t normal. Anemic at best. However, after a while, there were three cars in front of KMart and one in front of CVS. The troops who still believe V, stand behind him, or just hate me had arrived.

There was a pretty large group at Safeway – where the old G and G is.

I’m trying to decide if V or J remain a threat. I think J. might. I didn’t know him well, but with the broken ankle and scalding water, I wouldn’t want to count him out. Their friends might just be trying to scare me. That is their job: waste my time, get me involved with crazy scenarios, try to keep me scared. I say try because if I scared easily…………I’m not sure.

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