4th Generation Northern Californian – Again

It feels very strange having to justify where I have been in California. My grandfather was born in a houseboat ON the Sacramento River. He, his siblings, his grandparents, and great grandparents survived the 1906 quake. He played the flute at the exposition. His two children and their families embrace a lot that is California. I would say all, but we now know better. My grandfather’s children were my mom and my uncle. My dad embraced most things California. He loved to drive, go on road trips, read maps and have adventures. My mom and uncle knew all the places in California that our respective families visited. They went up the ladder on the back side of Half Dome. When my ex and I went to a work party for his work in So Cal, we were the ONLY NATIVES there. I know it’s not the same up north. More 4th, 5th generations. But, I shouldn’t have to explain my love for:driving, reading maps and planning trips, California, small towns, and history.

I am explaining myself, because I hope the truth is coming out. In 4th grade I drew a crayon picture showing quail, and poppies. It was in a local contest. I wanted to visit every mission at one time. I slowed down after finding out the truth, but look to see how the native’s contributions are portrayed. I am a woman who likes to drive – a lot of places, I have been off roading, I absolutely love our National a Park’s system, I have some interest in history. But, I have to explain myself. I can’t go to Utah – but some things that one has to do doesn’t seem right.

I am going to try to simplify my Northern California Connections. My ex and I had actually wanted to move to Northern California – preferably above San Francisco for a long time. We no longer liked Orange County and had settled in Riverside County – was slower paced at the time.

I have been attending a class in Novato on Tuesday mornings at ten. I am going to a support group in Novato on Thursday nights. I was in an intensive outpatient program (iop) around the holidays – for four weeks. All of those have been at the Behavioral Health Center on Smith Ranch Road in Novato – Kaiser. I finally joined Kaiser because my specialists had moved on and I had seen the care my sister and brother in law received. I was death on HMO’s after So Cal, but thought I would give it a try.

CALIFORNIA HERE I COME – My family has always been into California. My great great grandfather walked across Panama to get here. By chance, my grandfather and the older two generations ended up in Petaluma after the 1906 quake. One of my great great grandfather’s diaries said the family tried to buy land from the Mc Near’s. My family lived near McNear Park. I dropped off DVD’s that showed the entries made in my great great grandfather’s diaries for the 1907-1909 years. 1906 was lost. Rumor about a kid losing it at school. I just realized that it would have been by his bed stand. Who knows?

I grew up hearing about my Mom’s adventures in Yosemite with her parents. Growing up we went to: Sequoia,King’sCanyon, Devil’s Post Pile, Hearst’s Castle, Pismo, Big Basin, Yosemite at least twice (hiked to Yosemite Falls with my dad). My grandparents were on some of these trips. I don’t remember TAHOE as a kid, but my youth group did two service projects there. My ex and I honeymooned in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Madonna Inn, Tahoe (rustic cabin), and probably a few more places. We never stayed in one place long. Sightseers. My mom told of adventures she had in Tahoe with older teens/early 20 somethings. Pretty innocent times. You could trust that a fellow dance goer would safely get you to the next place to dance. I have been to the Shasta Caverns twice. Once, my parents were there. My grandfather remembered when water filled up – I think it had been a town. My grandfather got to see the Golden Gate Bridge go up. I am more awed when I drive across it now than ever.

  • MT. TAM – My Dad spent a lot of time around Mt. Tam. He lived in BERKELEY where his dad had Switzer Pharmacy. My mom and Dad went to Berkeley, as did my Uncle and cousin. I love Berkeley’s history. In 2009 and fall 2010, we would have been showing our daughter colleges. She saw: Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, and UC San Diego. I loved the Berkeley tour and wouldn’t mind taking it again. Info – UCSD was actually part of Cal or Berkeley to start. My dad went there for pharmacy school. Berkeley was still the only UC.
  • My dad and a friend hiked a lot around Mt. Tam including taking the Dipsea trail. My grandfather had run the Dipsea around 1919 give or take. My dad and a friend slept on STINSON BEACH one night. I didn’t really discover Stinson until my daughter was almost grown. A regret – snack bars. I used to make lunches for the girls. I have a hot dog once or twice a year. One time is at Stinson Beach. I get through the grey winter by thinking of Stinson and wherever I went during the summer. This year Stinson was not what it should have been. Blue car parked WHERE I USUALLY GO IN.
  • Just expressing my dismay. One of my favorite states is Utah. I had been there at least FOUR times before I even knew V was on this planet. One time was to drive the White Rim Trail IN CANYONLANDS. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I have a feeling that I shouldn’t go there. Can’t go there or I’ll be a target. This just makes me so very sad.
  • Concord, Walnut Creek – My cousins great up in Concord. My grandparents lived in Walnut Creek and Concord. Finally, my grandparents settled in CALISTOGA. Once in a while, I like to go to Calistoga, see where their mobile home is, and visit the town. I might do this before too long. It would be nice to see a few of the other small towns. I like visiting small towns and old downtowns.
  • My grandparents are both buried in NAPA. My plastic surgeon had his practice in Napa. I had a number of appointments there – 2006. expander after mastectomy. My last surgery was in Napa – final implant. It’s really no one’s business, but if someone says I followed him to Napa, what reason did he give? I believe all my visits in the last 20 some years would have revolved around breast cancer recovery and the cemetery. I may have visited my grandparents’ burial spots. My sister and I represented the family and went to the funeral of a slightly distant relative. I can’t remember who or when, but it was after 2010.
  • My cancer surgeon was in SONOMA in 2006. I worked at Prestwood School in SONOMA IN 2006. My husband and I took our daughter to Thd General’s Daughter sometime. I remember us taking both kids to Sonoma when they were younger. Also, we took our daughter a few times. We would eat at the great sandwich, wine, cheese place. My sister and I went to SONOMA after a walk with a group. My sister is always busy and looking for something to do. She often calls me about scheduled events to see if I want to go.
  • My cousin Izzy, is now in NEVADA CITY though she and my aunt and uncle lived in Grass Valley for a long time. I visited my cousin on the way back from CO and Utah. She had lost her husband not too long before that. He was a professor at CHICO State. I was in Chico for a few days for his memorial. Taylor – a recognized curmudgeon (probably self proclaimed) and descendent of Mark Twain.
  • Izzy is very well known in the Nevada City area, Sacramento, and all over the Sierra Foothills and beyond. She started The Sierra Fund under Schwarzenegger.
  • Another cousin lives in RANCHO CORDOVA which is right near SACRAMENTO. John sings opera. I want to go see him and his family. I want to hear John sing. I was going to go last year, but was afraid, at that point in time that truckers might be ready to hurt me. I cancelled. That is also why I missed Tahoe that year. There was a wedding that year.
    In 2007, I was depressed but my sister got me to my uncle’s 90th birthday party in SACRAMENTO. I love California history, so plan on seeing Sacramento when I visit my cousins.
  • ARCATA AND EUREKA. My cousin, Ann Marie lived in Arcata for decades. She passed away in 2016. I changed my CO, Utah trip a bit, so I could see AVENUE OF THE GIANTS and then be with Annie one day. She passed away the following day. She played most recently with Good Company. She was a ? Professor of early childhood education at Humbolt State
  • Annie’s memory of life took place at a grange near ARCATA in 2016 – fall possibly. Woolley, Annie’s husband took us all to the Samoan Cookhouse. We all explored EUREKA one night. One sister and I looked at Victorian homes. Eureka is famous for its Victorian Homes.
  • Last summer, a sister and I went up to ARCATA after our BODEGA BAY family trip. One cousin was there along with Annie’s family. I got to meet her grandson.
  • BODEGA BAY – I at least drive through Bodega Bay when my dad was taking a drive along the coast. I distinctly remember the pink taffy house. I remember visiting Bodega to see Bird’s locales, and I think we stopped to eat in Bodega Bay. Ex belonged to a Porsche club group. We were on a car rally. They ended up somewhere out there. Instead of a Tahoe trip, one year we took a Bodega Bay trip 2012. Last summer, my sisters and I went to Bodega Bay instead of Tahoe. My favorite place to get earrings is in BODEGA BAY. ONE OF MY FAVORITE DRIVES IS FROM BODEGA BAY TO POINT REYES STATION OR BACK.
  • I have a cousin, Mark, Joe’s son, that lives in a town by Point Reyes Station. I can’t remember where right now. We’ve always met with him and his wife in SAN FRANCISCO, SEBASTOPOL OR SUCH.
  • I have been to two Switzer Foundation events in San Francisco. One would have been about a year ago at a great place near the Bay Bridge. The other was at the Yacht Club. This was in 2016 I think. My dad was able to attend the event at the HUNTINGTON LIBRARY – thrilled. I have taken my daughter to Cirque du Solei, The Lion King, and The Nutcracker Suite in SAN FRANCISCO around Christmas time based on her schedule.
  • My sister and I went to The Revels in Oakland not that long ago. It is a celebration of the solstice, but has nothing to do with Pagan celebrations. There is always a story, and excellent music. My mother was born in a house in OAKLAND. My sister and I took my daughter to the Revels many years ago – quite a few times.
  • Out and about. The Russian River was a very popular place with people for a long time. My parents and their friends spent a lot of time at the River. My parents and family talk about JOHNSON’s BEACH in GUERNEVILLE. ARMSTRONG WOODS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAVORITE in my family. My parents are buried in GUERNEVILLE NOT TOO FAR FROM ARMSTRONG WOODS.
  • Occidental has been popular with my family, going back at least to the early 40’s. THE UNION HOTEL HAS BEEN THE GO TO PLACE IN OCCIDENTAL. My parents’ after graveside services were at THE UNION HOTEL. Negri’s was my aunt and uncle’s favorite place. I will be staying in Occidental soon. She picked the place. The dates are in stone due to a wedding which is in HEALDSBURG in early June.
  • My sister and her husband raised their two kids in Forestville in a house they had built. They moved to SEBASTOPOL ten years or more ago. My sister sees someone she knows every time she is out and about in Sebastopol. Her one son and fiancé live in Sebastopol and are just opening their third business. Her second son is a fireman in GUERNEVILLE. THE DEPARTMENT IS SORT OF LOOKING AFTER THE CEMETERY. A daughter by his first marriage lives in SEBASTOPOL. A daughter and his second ex wife live just a few blocks from me – and what DO I say when I finally see him?!

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