The Right Person, at the Right Place, at the Right Time

I truly don’t think of myself as special. Each person is special – well, the good people are. The bad could be – unless they have personality disorders that will always get in their way.

I definitely don’t want to think of myself as any better that those who have come up against this heinous crime called gangstalking and lost the battle (manslaughter now). Mysteries – I am surprised at the knowledge that I have from reading, watching, listening to mystery stories (I don’t like true crime). I learn what seem to be trivial facts and they have come in handy the last seven years. My ex and I and out family faced our problems – they never won and we always made the most of some of the most trying situations – taking the family out to enjoy the leaves when my ex had just broken his right side. We don’t spend much time regretting or dwelling on what might have been. No. I’m heartbroken at giving away my mother’s sterling silver (meant for my daughter), and some other things. This was during the first con in May of 2018. But, I am not going to let it pull me down.

For the most part, things are things. If I break something, I regret it for ………….. ten seconds or so and move on. My mom was the opposite and I told myself I would not be like that. I’ve spent ten years off road camping (I prefer dirt road travel – as the roads even if not marked, were approved for travel). I notice when things are off. I know when things are crazy or slight of hand, or smoke and mirrors. White circles from a hold punch are white circles from a hole punch and not one of my prescriptions – someone was messing with my head. A person took pills out of my cupboard in my house and someone put them in my classroom cupboard months later. It wasn’t magic. That’s why I had Adam check the video. I am extremely conscientious when it comes to medications in a classroom. In 2012-2013, I had an emergency supply of medication in a cupboard that students were not supposed to access. It was a metal lock box kept on the top shelf. If I had an assistant that I trusted (every other assistant I ever had), I would have told my assistant. I also would tell someone in case I had flu like symptoms in the afternoon – including being a bit spacey. There was one medication that has a very short half life which means withdrawal symptoms can start in very quickly. In case of an earthquake or other emergency, I needed back up pills on hand. Yes, I took an earthquake preparedness course and I keep a backpack in my car that usually has three days worth of pills. I’m a Girl Scout – Suzy Safety. So, when I found the pills in a bag in the cupboard on New Year’s Eve, 2012, I panicked. There was no reason to panic. I had done nothing wrong. But the pills were there and I had been barraged for months. I got hysterical when I got home and was flushing them down the toilet (how do I explain them after all). Then the light started flickering the way a Halloween light does. A long time later, I told myself that – had I been in a better place – I should have gotten the ladder and checked out the light. My ex was gaslighting me. This was gaslighting.

I have brought this up before, but it warrants mentioning again. You are playing with fire. There are thousands of amateur psychiatrists who think you know what you are doing. You have no idea. There are those – professionals – who think that some of the “going postal” cases have been triggered by mobbing. Mobbing is basically gaslighting, plus gossip – true or bald faced lies, in the workplace. Mobbing is a recognized social phenomena. Someone goes through mobbing, snaps, and kills fellow workers, people outside somewhere, plows a car into a group of people. Of course not all “going postal” cases are caused by mobbing, but the possibility exists. Gangstalking has or will cause someone to go postal. In order to get out the door a few years back when I was going through gangstalking, I would need to be angry. I would also need a theme to keep me going. One theme would be ranting at parents who had their kids out with them when they were gangstalking. I also was furious when I saw the young Mormon missionary ladies in Sebastopol. My face probably reflected anger – not directed at them – but, they were very scared. Anyway, I don’t see children – at least not young children. No children should be participating. No one should be participating, but to have a child participate is child endangerment. I’m serious. I also think that taking along any relative who doesn’t know what is going on is selfish. There was the older woman talking to herself – probably dementia. I thought of that as elder abuse. Yes.

ANY PERSON has a breaking point – everyone has a breaking point. Gangstalking and gaslighting are psychological torture. Psychological torture that is being handled in a very loosy, goosey way. No one knows what mishaps, thefts, sleep depriving stunts have happened to the victim. No one keeps track if the victim pays no attention to any of your “sting” candidates, so those stings keep being set up – stupidly, I must say – a parent watching a kid skate while I am sitting in my car near the pick up for the buses to the airport – I picked that place for quiet and along comes a stupid mom. Yes, stupid – not praiseworthy. Tortured victim is sitting in her car and you have your child right out on the parking lot. Of course they were gangstalkers. I know. Anyway, I won’t hurt anyone, but there are people who would have broken one way or another by now. I’m not special. God has given me a crazy skill set. I’m not bragging, but I have been known to say to myself, “God couldn’t have picked a better person to go through this”. And there is some truth to it.

Bragging – No, I’m not, but it occurred to me that V and J are very evil people. If you don’t think so, you are a regular Mormon, protected from many things or you have only seen them when they are in con mode. I believe that V chose me because I was emotionally fragile – at that time – and because he thought of me as being a very good person. He needed a very good person for a sacrifice down the line. Yes, a human sacrifice. He and J are into devil worship after all. This is why V took every opportunity to make me look like the very opposite of a good person. I see myself more as the girl next store with way too righteous an attitude towards justice and some other things. Well, maybe they aren’t so righteous. Maybe they are right on. Gangstalking is just plain wrong, illegal, self serving, misguided, misinformed, psychological torture, democracy erroding……..wrong.

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