Prescription Medications – How This All Started

I have bipolar disorder. I try very hard to be a responsible person with bipolar disorder.

Someone is gradually stealing my pills. I think people in suits think they can get pills so they are able to be administered with a needle. Cowards! For the lady looking to see what book I was reading, it was a Murder mystery. That is what I read – I have been reading the New Testament off and on.

Here is something I learned from a murder mystery book: a pathologist will notice if there are no pill fragments. Why do I say this? Well, someone will have to come out of the woodwork and maybe leave some DNA, or something. A face will be visible. Someone won’t be able to hide behind dark magic. I don’t get this. Have you not been told that dark magic goes against God? If you repent, but intend on doing it again it is an unforgivable sin. Do you plan on asking for forgiveness right before you die? That’s awkward. You could die in an auto wreck. Anyway – an awful lot of you are going to hell. I am just stating the truth. Gangstalking, if you don’t confess and repent will get you to hell also. Imagine, I will maybe see someone’s eyes and they will more clearly see mine.

I can guarantee you that people do not become gods in hell. Would a Devil who might think he is a god want other gods? I think not.

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