My Jobs, Post Depression, A Miracle

I like to finish what I start. Besides, I think this is important. I think, from all sorts of peoples’ odd behaviors, that I have been painted as various types of predators. You may think that reading mysteries and murder mysteries in particular is not appropriate, but I have learned an awful lot about crime, predators, evidence, clues, investigating, etc. Quality authors research everything they put in their books, particularly anything that experts can assist them with – they always that the experts somewhere in the books. One thing that I have NEVER come across is a criminal who is a predator and has more than one type of victim – this is called a modus operandi. That means basically, what motivates the perpetrator. It wasn’t funny, but I would laugh derisively at all the types of perpetrators you though/think I was/am.

I was heading towards something – I bet some people made a big deal out of me working at a job for only a year. Did you know that teachers can be hired for only a year? There is sometimes an opening left by an employee who is coming back. Sometimes the special education student numbers temporarily went up and they just plan for a year. That was the case at Wright School when I started in January.

I truly risk having more and more potential “victims” carted out in front of me. This is the problem with being too protected from the outside world. You don’t know how unrealistic you are being. For one thing, I am a woman………………. Yes, there have been some famous cases with women – bipolar women made headlines for a few years. I researched this question. People with mental disorders are much less likely to be counted among predators. Yes, the predators have mental problems – of course. But they aren’t likely to have bipolar disorder. One famous case of a woman with bipolar disorder – it ended up that she was sexually abused by her father for years.

So, maybe someone was taking advantage of the bipolar angle and my holding jobs at a school for one year. Well, I have great letters of recommendation from all those schools.

Sebastopol, Prestwood School and a charter school. Gangstalking was happening. Despite that I did a good job. Not easy when you have basically legal documents and people would try to mix pages around. Not easy when the tech person was making subtle changes – and risked up to a $10,000 fine for hacking. But we all know there is no risk. Not when you are above the law protected by vigilantes. Changes were being made to the program for the following year. Students who were in need of special education math instruction were going to take a course from a general education teacher.

The next year was Mark West. They had posted a job for an SDC teacher. I wasn’t looking at SDC jobs. The RSP teacher took the SDC spot and then the school advertised for an RSP opening. I was just the person they were looking for. I taught RSP ELA in the morning and remedial math in the afternoon. The director of special education was great! She wrote me a quality letter. The jobs at the school for the following year were filled from within the district. They have to do that first.

The next year was Tech Middle in Rohnert Park. I actually worked with J. The year before there had been three teachers filling the RSP positions. I was hired as the second teacher – and there were only two of us. There was too much work for two people. I did a good job, but some things did have to slide – there wasn’t a choice. I put in hours over and above the “required” hours and that wasn’t enough. I think by the time the school year ended, I was coming up on 5 years off and on gangstalking, a year depression and broken ankle, the last two years had been gangstalking. The school was changing the way it dealt with RSP math. General Education teachers were going to be teaching remedial classes. I had promised myself that I would not cry during this round of gangstalking – I laughed when someone started playing around with the lock on my car – I knew it was them or I and would probably be them. I told myself I would not cry. I didn’t until the con started that May. It’s hard to not believe a con when the head of your department leaves you a clue in one of their folders that fits in with the scenario you are being fed – a brown brow pencil and I was supposed to have brown hair. This was someone I certainly trusted. Why wouldn’t I? Professional, caring…..

I never got responses back from the department head not the principal regarding letters of recommendation. That was very strange and had never happened before. So, in order to get back into teaching I really need to substitute and get letters of recommendation. I can’t right now. I need to but can’t.

So, THAT is my job history. I am actually good at stepping into a position at the last minute, coming up to speed. I’m conscientious and do a good job – at least my best anyhow.

The only job that I have not done well with was when I was also going through my first year of gangstalking. I did cry that year. I cried hysterically a few times. I believe that the principal and superintendent are Mormon. Jane Futrell and Adam Stein. I had asked Adam to have someone look at security tapes because people had been in my classroom – yes, I made the unfortunate decision to be open about some of what was happening. That’s who I am. I learned not to be like that. This was the job where the heavy duty hitter for the rights of special ed students accused me of calling her charge a baby. – Absurd. But, money for the district or me? Didn’t take a genius to see where that would lead. This was the year when a disgruntled parent took video of my yelling out two students’ names. Two Latino students who would always run around another building before going into another classroom.

It’s funny sometimes the way God seems to step in. Jane Futrell’s sister ended up being my two day a week caregiver. She was a sweetheart and knows everything there is to know about endangered local birds. She also gave me some insights into family dynamics without saying a lot. I was shocked when I saw the photo of the three sisters out on a ferry celebrating Jane’s birthday.

V made a mistake when he picked me. He made sure that I was emotionally vulnerable – then -. He didn’t know the battles that my ex and I had been through and won. He didn’t know that he was picking someone with an excellent self concept. Concept of my true self – not to be swayed by people pointing figures – more like indignant of the flagrant violations to our justice system – later on. He didn’t know how strong I am. – not at the time, but in general. He didn’t know what an absolutely wonderful family and extended family support system I have. I may not be a social butterfly right now in my life (oh no! a loner – THAT has to mean something, right?). It’s not by choice. But, the family gatherings made up for some of that. A wedding is coming up in June. I spent Christmas at my nephew’s ex wife’s house. It was great (I still haven’t seen him since they split. I am upset with him. Second marriage – absolutely, the most miracle of miracle babies there is – he didn’t give time to let them heal from the strain. I know a bit. Ten years, three pregnancies and two miracle babies ourselves. For some reason I am way too disturbed and passionate about this topic. Excuse me). Anyway, the ex wife invited the other ex wife. The ex husband was invited but had to work – fireman. His girlfriend and her kids were invited. My nephew’s second ex is determined to make all of this weird family work. The girlfriend didn’t come – of course, not without my nephew. I wonder if he made sure that he would be working………..Anyway, my sister and all of us including the latest little one had a great time!

I had hoped to work at one school for a while, so that I had work friends. There is a teacher at tech middle. We get along well. She is the cousin of the boy I knew in school (Mormon). But, what do I talk to people about? I have two really close friends and that is great! I met both of them through teaching – one as the other Grant intervention teacher and one through Sonoma State – she also had the same master teacher – student teaching in the fall and I student taught in the spring.

It was a bit upsetting when he mother rushed in to Safeway quite a while back. Her Mom looked somewhat frightened. I just can tell. Mom said that she would take my friend home. That issue must have been worked out – whatever like Mom had been told. My friend, I think, has been blackmailed (I highly doubt it. goes to church 3-5 days a week), or she or family has been threatened (possible), or she has been bribed (do we really know people? but I doubt it) – any one of those to do a few things and she is definitely not Mormon. I doubt if she even knows truly why she is supposed to do what she does. But, she’s my friend. I just am always watching my back, and my purse, and my meds, and………………..

But anyway, V did not know my fierce sense of right and wrong, my fierce backing of the judicial system of the United States of America, my Momma Bear anger and him coming into our house – our safe house, how appalled I get when our justice system is abused or someone doesn’t get fair justice, and surprisingly – my faith. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. It certainly was very strong during high school and it has always been there. But, when I was hysterical, I wasn’t alone. I haven’t been alone ever (besides V’s friend), but forget that some time.

While I am on the topic, I might as well wonder over to it. Maybe V and J thought they were doing the right thing when they introduced me to some friends that were also involved in dark magic. Yep, they were able to scare me for a while, but they did much more. If they exist, then angels truly exist. Fallen angels and all that. I have always been spiritual. I have always been and will always be liberal in my acceptance that all people can go to Heaven – there are ministers who share that belief. The Pope doesn’t come out and say it, but he comes close. He sees the wisdom coming from many of the GOOD people who practice a faith. But, between demons and a miracle that happened to me a while back, I am in awe. God and Jesus are very important to me now. Very. I have made a pact with them and myself that I will not hurt. myself. If it’s faked, they know. If I am hurt and go along, they know

Miracle – I was driving east on East Washington, heading towards Kinkos. I got in the left hand lane to turn left on the street that Jack and the Box and Kinkos is on (now, FedEx – Kinkos). It was safe to turn. I start the turn, and everything starts happening in slow motion. There were cars all around, but none of them hit my car. There was no honking, so it was like they didn’t see me. I finished the turn and everything went back to normal. I turned around and faced the intersection. I just sat there staring and thinking about what had happened. I could only conclude that I experience a miracle. A true miracle. This was years ago. I believe both my children were still at home, so prior to 2003. I only mention it to people when the topic of faith or miracles pops up.

I now think that V had something to do with my almost getting killed. If there was a devil behind that, then I think that there was an angel looking out for me.

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