Sunday, Sunday

Some of you are probably wondering why I seem to have so much time on my hands. I shouldn’t. It’s not by choice.

Last year, I was going to substitute teach and ease my way back into teaching. I think I subbed one day. I was still being conned by friends of V and J. I think I had started receiving something that made me very sleepy and something that gave me diarrhea. Some of you know what the substance is that causes diarrhea.

The latest thing that V has requested is that I be in almost chronic pain. The chest muscle on the side that I had my mastectomy has hurt all of today. It shouldn’t hurt at all.

But, V and J have taken over my life. I was up too late last night because of pain. I did go to church. I hope to get sleep tonight. I have found that driving, particularly in pretty areas, is relaxing. I like driving if there is not too much traffic.

The pain is hard to deal with and I have a high tolerance for pain – I always have. The doctor in the hospital had to “again” temporarily reset my broken ankle. He looked at me and I just said something like, “Go ahead.” I was fine.

This is what a normal weekend during the school year should look like. I would have been working on the laundry and housework. I probably would have spent at least a half day at school. Hopefully, I would have gone to a movie or on a walk with a friend.

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