How much do you know about framing someone? Nothing? I thought not (well, there are quite a few. On the crews). Your current scapegoat here. Well, not exactly a scapegoat, but the person you all can hate together. This brings you all together in the fight to defend the church. It gives you time gangstalking which the Bishop might ask about. It’s like being at a football game or someone being thrown to the lions. Boy does the adrenaline and other chemicals in the body give you a “rush” that is accompanied by self righteous indignation, an urge to win the war, and a wonderful sense of comradely. Those higher up in the church could not ask for a better motivator for your cult. Bet you couldn’t read the post on cults. Either you were told not to read it, or you read it solely from the Mormon perspective.

I have to have a bit of quiet time to process the day’s events. I was thinking of some nice people. Sorry, but I can’t trust that. Why all big trucks? Lights can be blocked with a car. Darn, it felt good to believe there were people like that. I bet there are, but I don’t think they dare show it.

However, I think people are coming from further away. No? I think seniors were bused in a few years back. There are gangstalker lots where extra cars are parked so I think there are even more cars and more people. Why? For one person? V and J have a good thing going. What if they wanted this to go on for a while? How often does it happen? Sacrificial lambs for the Mormon church. How often around the country. Is it usually a non Mormon woman.

You people know nothing about framing someone. My guess is there are quite a few experts involved in my “case”.

Seven years people. Second verse same as the first.

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